Psyfari Festival 2019 - Australia


06.09.2019 - 08.09.2019


South of Sydney

The flow of the program is specifically designed to bring people together. So get ready, you wild, tropical beasts... it's time to gather, and dance together!

It's calling...

This weekend!

Gepostet von PSYFARI am Sonntag, 18. Februar 2018


Like all Psyfaris we know and love, there will be a tasty buffet of music acts, live art, interesting workshops, inspiring talks, delicious food, markets full of treasures and some highly skilled performers. There will be plenty to enjoy and lots of mucking around to be had!

The most valuable and unique thing about Psyfari Jamboree is that it’s lovingly curated to cultivate a strong sense of community. The flow of the program is specifically designed to bring people together; all the happy animals, feathered or furry, young and old. It’s a place to bond with our besties, befriend new buddies and let the party carry us all together through the wild and wicked weekend!

The festival on the map

Center map

More about Psyfari

We are excited to invite you to PSYFARI 2019!
The 10th anniversary, and the grand finale!

More than just an event, PSYFARI has been a big part of our lives and a big part of many of yours also. Over the years an amazing community has grown, filled with so many inspiring, creative individuals, with countless friendships formed and experiences we will cherish forever.

If you have been to PSYFARI, you are part of this community!
Join us for one last dance, one last hurrah!
Reunite with old friends or make some new ones.
Join us as we celebrate 10 years!

If you have never been to PSYFARI before, this is your last chance.

The meaning behind PSYFARI goes back to a time when animals lived in the now, a time when animals were silly, and fun! They didn’t just sit around all day staring at Facebook. The wilderness was where they escaped to…
A place that didn’t need paved streets or mobile coverage…
A place that they could dance and play…
A place they could be themselves!
Life was simple and life was wild.

2019 marks 10 years of PSYFARI.
We plan on closing this chapter with something very special indeed!
A new location, a new layout, prepare to be dazzled.

Stay tuned for info.
For more info visit the FACEBOOK EVENT PAGE
We're back, baby!

We're back, baby!Tickets for supporters on sale 09/11. Tickets for past ticketholders on sale 23/11.Tickets for general public on sale 07/12.Song in video is 'The Way' by NARLA

Gepostet von PSYFARI am Mittwoch, 8. November 2017

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3 months ago


PSYFARI Jamboree 2018 Aftermovie
(Part 1)

Music: 'Reasons Why I Dance' by Slamboree featuring Beans on Toast
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Dawn Alisa i wanna go again!!

Nicholas i can see ya brother

Duuude Declan Keneally such a badass shot of you my friend

James 1:54 omg the doof chook 😂😂

Emily, me and Mitch made an appearance at the 30 second mark!

Beth Carribine & Richy Shaw 👽 No sign of the other jellyfish farmers 🐙

Tommy your shower! Hannah our leapfrog!

Kasia Toppo saw u in the background. Good times

Robert Wells cut to 1:26 😂😂😂😂 shapes shapes shapes for the gods

Mary Eckert dat wink @ 1.20 gurl ! ;)

Chris Raize we’re in it !! 😂😅🤦🏼‍♂️

Jarryd Tuckett Drew Tuckett should we think about a visit with everyone next year ?

Jamie Leigh YOU ARE IN THIS!

Brie Gee 2:45 tap dat 👌😂


Groovy man if I had hair I’d go lol

Is psyfari 2019 happening?? 😍

Such a well done video! 💃🕺🏼

Such a splendid adventure every bloody time psyfari, thank you!

James Robards I'm in the afters hahaha

Fun on da bun

Alana Cox we should have been there... Ill harass you in another two years to go haha

Declan you've probably been tagged already but I thought id tag again just in case

Teegan Cold check this shit!!

What are the dates for 2019??

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6 months ago


Fresh off the press!
Delicious tunes from Mamajae

Return To The Red Edge, by Mamajae
4 track album
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