Shankra Festival – Switzerland – 17.07.2019


17.07.2019 - 21.07.2019

Shankra Festival


SHANKRA FESTIVAL offers you a five-day experience in an uplifting natural ambient to celebrate life connecting with people from all over the world

Shankra Festival

Mountains are land, attempting to be sky.
Rivers are water, running to be wind.
The pursuit of change is what shaped the world as we see it:
the demonstration of the power of life.

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Your Life Is Your Message

Lostallo - Switzerland
17.07.2019 - 21.07.2019

Dear Shankra Family,
The importance of creating a common experience has been our drive since the beginning of our journey, in 2015: we dreamt of building a temporary space where everyone can express, being part of an energetic and open community, empowered by the freedom of releasing our own selves and now stepping into the milestone of our fifth edition!

Artists going to share their message:

Special mention: Goa Gil - 24 Hours Set on Lotus

Shankra Stage:

Altruism (Nano Records) Brazil
Aioaska (Iono Music) Austria
Ajna (Ovnimoon Records) France
Ananda Shake *Retro Set* (Utopia Records) Israel
Anficlavis (Argot Digamma) Switzerland
Aphid Moon (Dragonfly Records) England
Audiomatic (Spin Twist Records) Germany
California Sunshine (Phonokol Records) Israel
Daksinamurti (Sangoma Records) Germany
Divination (Iono Music) England
Drip Drop (Harmonia Records) Greece
Eclipse Echoes (Antu Records) Brazil
Electrypnose (Zenon Records) Switzerland
Escape (24/7 Records) England
Estefan0 Haze (Iono Music) Denmark
Etnica (Etnica Records) Ibiza
Filterheads (Wildthings Records) UK/Austria
Filteria (Suntrip Records) Sweden
Fungus Funk (Sangoma Records) Russia
Gaudium *Retro Set *(Iboga Records) Sweden
Groove Box (Grasshopper Records) Japan
Human Element (Iboga Records) Switzerland
Hypnocoustics (Liquid Records) England
Hypnoise (Maharetta Records) Spain
Imagine Mars (Sacred Technology Records) Israel
Indra *Retro Set* (Planet B.E.N. Records) Israel
Infx (Aphonix Records) Switzerland
Ingrained Instincts (Sangoma Records) England
Juno Reactor (Metropolis Records) England
Kabayun (Sangoma Records) America
Laughing Buddha (Nano Records) England
Lish *Retro Set* (Iboga Records) Israel
Logic Bomb (Tip Records) Sweden
Mahi (Narmada Records) Switzerland
Mekkanika (United Beats Records) Ibiza
Metronome (Blue Tunes Records) Sweden
Module Virus (Sangoma Records) England
N.O.K (Blue Tunes Records) Germany
Ninesense (Blacklite Records) Portugal
Norma Project (TesserAct Studio) Serbia
Olive Tree Dance (Natural Groove Rec) Portugal
Phobos (Loney Moon Records) Italy
Protonica (Iono Music) Germany
Sesto Sento *Retro Set* (Com.Pact Records) Israel
Shakta (Dragonfly Records) England
Silicon Sound *Retro Set* (Neurobiotics) France
Southwild (Wildthings Records) Germany
Spectra Sonics (Grasshopper Records) Japan
Spinal Fusion (Profound Records) India
StarSeed (Iono Music) Spain
Talamasca (Dacru Records) France
Thatha (Nano Records) Brazil
The Muses Rapt (Dragonfly Records) Spain
Total Eclipse (Mandala Records) France
Transient Disorder (Dacru Records) Portugal
Tryambaka (Global Army Music) Portugal
Tsuyoshi Suzuki (Matsuri Productions) Japan
Vertical Mode (Hommega Records) Israel
Waio (Zero1 Music) Germany
Whiptongue (Loney Moon Records) Brazil
Zephirus Kane (Nano Records) Ibiza

Horizon Stage:

Atmos (Iboga Records) Sweden
Arcek (Freak Records) Mexico
Abc (Blue Tunes Records) Italy
Ankti (Modem) Serbia
Arctika (Blue Tunes Records) Switzerland
Asaya (Polargroove) Switzerland
Axon (Synaesthetics) Australia
Bi-Molecular (Aphonix Records) Switzerland
Blisargon Demogorgon (Bhooteshwara) Macedonia
Cämix (Savva Records) Switzerland
Creator (Tesseract Studio - 24/7) Switzerland
Dark Whisper (Alice D Records) Germany
Djapatox (Spiilbuub Records) Germany
Drift Away (Iboga Records) Denmark
Edi (Juicy Noise Records) Austria
Effim (Tesseract Studio) Switzerland
Eitan Reiter (Nano Records) Israel
Emok (Iboga Records) Sweden
Face Design (Tesseract Studio) Switzerland
Flash Jack (New Kicks Records) Switzerland
Flowjob (Iboga Records) Denmark
Flugbegleiter (Flugbegleiter Records) Germany
Futuro (Parvati Records) Mexico
Hasche (Yellow Sunshine Explosion) Germany
Headweller (Insonitus Records) Greece
Human Eyes (Narmada Records) Switzerland
Insane Creatures (Catar Records) England
Khainz (Module Records) Switzerland
Kynethik (24/7 Records) Italy
Liquid Cat (Aphonix Records) Switzerland
Loopus In Fabula (Fabula Records) Italy
M.Solez (6850 Clique) Switzerland
Mama Gaia (UnderBraVidunder) Sweden
Melt (Uroboros Records) Australia
Mindsurfer (Sinsonic Records) Switzerland
Minimalcircle (Independent) Germany
Müstik (Solar Tech Records) Switzerland
Oxidaksi (Kamino Records) Israel
Perfect Stranger (Iboga Records) Israel
Plasmoon (Magma Records) Italy
Razael (Another Dimension Music) Serbia
RückSicht (Triptonite Records) Switzerland
S-Range (Atmotech Recordings) Sweden
Sectio Aurea (Argot Digamma) Switzerland / 3 Hours Set
Section303 (Roll In Groove Records) England
Silent Sphere (Iboga Records) Switzerland
Sinerider (24/7 Records) England
Sonlight (Cultur Move) Switzerland
Sphynx (Goa'head Recordings) Switzerland
Sumiruna (Zenon Records) Australia
Suspect One (Underground Effects) Switzerland
Technical Hitch (Alice D Records) Israel
Tranonica (Sun Department Records) Germany
Triforce (Zenon Records) Australia
Two Suspects (Iboga Records) Switzerland
Vuchur (Ovnimoon Records) Germany
Walter Albini (Catwash Record) Switzerland
Will o Wisp (Dark Prisma Records) Argentina
XV Kilist & Rocco (Iboga Records) Switzerland
Zermor (Propheti Records) Switzerland

Lotus Stage:

Ancient Core (Melusine Records) Romania
Aeuum (Independent) Slovenia
AudioTraffic (Movimento) Switzerland
Balancé (Moon Dance Records) Portugal
Biop6 (Citron Vert) Switzerland
Comrade (MIGMA Collective) Italy
Cosmicleaf (Cosmicleaf Records) Greece
Devin (Tribal Vision Records) Switzerland
Diego (Independent) Switzerland
Emo (Radio Q37) South Africa
Etnica In Dub (Etnica Records) Ibiza
Etsaman (Independent) Croatia
Far Beyond (Altar Records) Macedonia
Gabriel Del Mar (Spirit Zone Recordings)
Galaxy Drop (Iboga Records) Switzerland
Gayalaxy (Astropilot Music) Portugal
Hadron Orchestra (Independent) Hungary
I.M.D (Altar Records ) Mexico
Instant Euphory (AstroPilot Music) Poland
Kala Hari (604 Freak Productions) Portugal
Kaya Project (Interchill Records) England
Lenny P (Catwash Records) Switzerland
Loopus In Fabula (Fabula Records) Italy
Loraine James (Independent) England
Maluns (Blue Tunes Records) Switzerland
Manuman (Lunosol Production) Canada
Minimalists (Cosmic Beat Records) India
Monkey Breeders (Conscious Heads) Switzerland
Nyah (Höngger Clan) Switzerland
Osiris (Polygroup) Switzerland
Osman Gayatree (Blue Hour Sound) Russia
Proxima Centauri (Zafer) Switzerland
Rising Galaxy (Cosmicleaf Records) Greece
Samaya (Shivelight) Netherlands
Side Liner (Cosmicleaf Records) Greece
Spiral Hand (Intensive/Tribe Of Surya) Switzerland
Stuff (Movimento) Switzerland
The Flying Mars (Altar Records) Switzerland
Tranceway (Goa Galaxy Records) Italy
Tripswitch (Interchill Records) England
Tryptophant (Ankanaté Events) Germany

Your Life is Your Message
Shankra Festival
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1 week ago

Shankra Festival

Listen and watch the live set of Malice in Wonderland at Shankra 2018 <3

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Listen and watch the live set of Malice in Wonderland at Shankra 2018

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Eric Attar bizarrement c'était dans mes suggestions 😁😘💜

Sebastien Bernhardt tu y vas cette année ??

Roland Mouttet ça me donne trop envie 😊

Joseph Ahr Von Kenciel Audrey Rvr et si on prenait une petite part de pizza et qu'on allait se coucher regarder en l'air sous la main ?

Benoît 😊

Felix Nass. Danke für Das nochmal, Immer wieder🥰

Edina Meyer tu dois venir

Julien Tacco


Sandy Dydy Picci 😍

Yvi Eve

Mathieu MeMenard 🙏🔊🕉️

Remo Bigler

Karola Nicollini 😍❣️

Isabell Schad

Veronica De Pedro Daza

Margaud Besnié

Thanks a lot 🙏❤

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Shankra Festival

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Mathilde mate la fin du clip!!!

MargorBazinga gete a la fin tu te souvient de la gamine ??

Billy❤ du und di chline

Manu Ela, você não quer vir pra cá pra gente poder ir juntas nesse festival?

Comme quoi la musique transperce et nous transporte , le seule échappatoire...

Sehr schön gmacht de Trailer 🙏🏻❤️

Schön !

Murielle Turrian j’ai quand même de la peine 😭

Jeanne Lucas y'a la petite génie !

C’est tellement pure, on se dit à dans quelques mois 🥰

Wait. So. This is a trailer for a goa festival, but you choose James Newton Howards music to set it too? Wow. That's awesome.

Wann ist die nächste Veranstaltung??

Morgane ca le fais planer

Hâte de découvrir ce festival First time 🙏🏻🙏🏻👌🏻👌🏻

Madou Cordier exactement le festival qu’il nous manque

Jude avec Charli 🙂

Es que quelqun connaitrais par pur hazar le nom de se son juste magnifique

Can I ask, how many tickets are being sold this year?

Un jour j’y serai ❤️

Pas pour moi snifff

Ahahah lol souvenirs

Melane Badaboum go à lui avant l’ozora 😎

Souvenir mémorable avec ma famille cœur pour mes 45 ans J’espère à une prochaine 😘


How Beautiful 😍😍❤️

1 month ago

Shankra Festival

Listen and watch the retro live set of Rinkadink at Shankra 2018 <3

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Listen and watch the retro live set of Rinkadink at Shankra 2018

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Coco Collioud Marichallot.. c est en suisse .. viens voir ta vieille tante!!!

Leonard We

Bek Kelly RinkAdink :P

oh boy wow wee Matt Gamble

Jessica Uldry 😍

Leanne Horton

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