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04.04.2019 - 07.04.2019

Spirit Tribe


Spirit Tribe Festival a festival event in China dedicated mainly to Psytrance music and culture.

Spirit Tribe Festival

Spirit Tribe Festival a festival event in China dedicated mainly to Psytrance music and culture. Starting from a serene location in a hidden mountain valley near Kunming in 2014, it grew to become the biggest event of its kind, attracting hundreds of visitors from all around the globe every year. Part of its attraction is the top-notch line up that has featured outstanding artists like Justin Chaos, Boom Shankar, Obliviant and Liftshift in the last few years. Being a platform for domestic artists as well, Spirit Tribe connects the global scene with local talent, thus continuously promoting the growth of the national Psytrance community. The festival features two stages, decorated by the dedicated team of Infinite Bizarre to challenge your senses and carry you off into a Psychedelic dreamland. Besides outstanding musical acts, visitors are mesmerized by awesome performances, ranging from thrilling Flow Art, surreal Crystal Ball presentations and live acting. In addition, craftsmen and women from all around the country gather at the Infinite Bizarre market to present their handcrafted art, while works of internationally renowned visionary artists are displayed at the Spirit Tribe gallery. Psytrance is more than music – enter Spirit Tribe, find friends in strangers and open your mind and hearts up to another state of being – Connect, Experience, Share, Learn !

Details for 2019 are coming up soon ! Stay tuned

The festival on the map

Center map

More about Spirit Tribe

Details coming up ! Mark the date
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2 weeks ago

Spirit Tribe

Winter time at Spirit Tribe... ... See MoreSee Less

Winter time at Spirit Tribe...Image attachment

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Spirit Tribe

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1 month ago

Spirit Tribe

Close encounters of the moo kind ... See MoreSee Less

Close encounters of the moo kind


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