08.06.2022 - 13.06.2022

The Element Festival

South Albania
Lukovë Beach

The 5th Element festival is back to the sacred land of Lukova, abundant with olives trees, mountains and beaches. Experience psychedelic love, dance and sound

Festival details

(Info from the organizer)

The Element is a blink of an eye, to re-connect, breathe, and share a meaningful experience in unison. It is to live in the now and become unstuck in time, simultaneously. In a constantly shifting universe and existence, embracing the uncertain is sometimes our only comfort. The Element is an annual gathering which longs to bring us closer to our self, each other, nature and the universe. Situated in the land of Lukova, which remains one of the rare, less explored paradises of southern Albania.
At its core The Element is about cherishing human connections, nature and the touching vibrations of the psychedelic and techno sound, serving as a portal to spacetime. Everything is organized and built from scratch and we try to be as much as environmentally conscious within our capabilities.

This year we celebrate the fifth edition of the Element back to the sacred land of Lukova, abundant with olives trees, raw mountains and beaches and most importantly full of heart, we celebrate our being and our becoming, joined together for an otherworldly experience of psychedelic love, dance and sound.
Love & Care & Respect & Responsibility
The Element Team

The Element Festival 2022
8-13 June at Lukov Beach, Albania
5 Days, 3 Stages, 70+ Artists and a lot of surprises!



Atriohm(live) [Parvati rec,Macedonia]
Antonymous(live) [Sonic Loom, Greece]
Abyss Ooze(live) [Dark Prisma, Argentina]
Alwoods[Altar Rec, Greece]
Akiro [Visionary Shamanics,Germany]
Afrodizzy [Lotus Feet Rec, Kosovo]
Balliou (live) [Harmonia Rec, Greece]
Besnik (live) [Believe Lab, Germany]
Biophotons (live) [Sonic Loom, Greece]
Blisargon Demogorgon(live) [Bhooteshwara Rec, Macedonia]
Clairvoyant(live) [Bhooteshwara Rec, Macedonia]
Confo (live) [Parvati Rec, Greece]
Djane Maiko[Alice-d Rec, Lithuania] Djinn [Germany]
Katarsis [Underground Safari, Macedonia]
Megalopsy (live) [Dark Prisma, Argentina]
Merry Smile[Germany]
Octogoat(live)[Maykurnaddur Rec,Germany]
Paramorphous[Lotus Feet Records, Albania]
Peraspera [Ancient Druids rec, Albania]
Psychoz(live) [Merkaba Music, Germany]
Psyliziös(live) [Germany]
Solarythm(live) [Quadrivium Rec, France]
Sishiva(live) [Banyan Rec, Greece]
Simetrik[Lotus Feet Records, Kosovo]
Younion[Lotus Feet Records, Kosovo]
More TBA


Anascole[Butonat, Albania]
Altered Ego [Kosovo]
Cryptonight[Blowing Haze Records, Italy]
DJ Mek [Bubble Organization, Netherlands]
Ashes Of Yugoslavia [Totem Collective, Kosovo]
Dorian Gray [Dorian Label,Italy]
DJ Smaller [Vakuum, Germany]
DJ Mega Maike [, Germany]
Exakt [ Aus Spaß an der Freude , Germany]
Frenkli [Segment, Albania]
Klara [ Macedonia]
Kontinum [ Germany]
Gurthang [ Albania]
Several Rooms [Blowing haze rec, Italy]
Matu [Argentina]
Nårt Zé [Vakuum / Totem Collective, Kosovo]
Pandaudio [Servis, Kosovo]
Psychoz (live) [Merkaba Music, Germany]
Rasimsky [Albania]
Rinor Hoti [Ins Culture , Kosovo]
Solarythm (live) [Introspectiva / Charybdis Records, France]
Vegim [Tmm Rec,Kosovo]
Flekitza [Tmm Rec,Kosovo]
010010 [Nntok, Albania]


Alwoods [Altar rec, Greece]
Argyria [Avatar rec, Germany]
Anascole [Butonat, Albania]
Dren [The Element, Kosovo]
Djane Mir [Global Sect Music, Serbia]
Ezbi [PSYKS, Kosovo]
Greeble [Finland]
Gandolf [Germany]
Hybrid Nomad [Macedonia]
Klangmosaik [KlammHeimlich,Germany]
Leftover [Albania]
PopEye [Ireland]
Rinor Hoti [Ins Culture , Kosovo]
Thonolan [Kosovo]
Xanthyl [Germany]
Louzy Gi [South Africa]
More TBA


Visuals & Installations: Ins Culture, BlurredVision, Hyperloop, Killa Hands Collective
Decorations: , Hyperloop, BlurredVision
Poster Design: Arian Xhaferi


Camping Zone
Oasis (Chill area)
Food Stands; will feature a variety of dishes with many vegetarian and vegan options and local
Basic Needs Shop
Festival Shop/Info Point
Artisanal Shops
Chai Area
Healing Area + First Aid Corner
Fruit Stand
Brainwashing Station (Cinema)
Refresh Point (Ice cream stand)


Yoga Sessions
Healing Sessions
Body Painting
Movie Screenings
Expeditions (Hiking & Boat Trips)
Sports and Physical Activities (Slack Line, Juggling, Voleyball)


Camping site under olive trees, equipped with showers and toilets.
Free camping if you bring your own tent.




The Element Festival is located in Lukov Beach, 23 km north of the city of Sarand in Albania.
Google Maps: https://goo.gl/maps/zGoLGiEtDcZidMgm9


Festival Shuttle will be available from Sarand to festival location during festival days.
Nearest Airports:
via Corfu Airport: Corfu - Sarand Ferry Line (30m)
via Tirana Airport: Tirana Sarand Bus Line (5h)
Regional Bus Lines:
Tirana Lukov - Sarand
Prishtina Lukov - Sarand
Skopje Ohrid Sarand
Athens Sarand
Thessaloniki Gjirokastr - Sarand
Regional Ferry Lines:
Corfu - Sarand (30m)
Brindisi - Sarand (7h)
Brindisi - Vlora (5h) Vlora -Lukov Bus Line (2h)
Trieste - Durres Durres - Lukov Bus Line (4h)
Bari - Durres Durres - Lukov Bus Line (4h)
Join our meeting group to meet other people and arrange travel together:

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