Total Solar Eclipse Festival 2020 – Chile – 11.12.2020


11.12.2020 - 16.12.2020

Total Solar Eclipse

Región de la Araucanía

Total Solar Eclipse festival 2020 Chile is a 6 day International Gathering taking place December 10 - 16, 2020 in Pucon, Chile.

Solar Eclipse Festival 2020

Just imagine experiencing the most magical moment in Astronomy being on sustainable Techno -Psychedelic Festival in the beautiful mountains of Chile. Feel free to share with your social networks and help spread the word! from : Third Son - Aspirations (Original Mix)

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More about Total Solar Eclipse

Total Solar eclipse festival 2020 Chile is a 6 day International Gathering taking place December 10 - 16, 2020 in Pucon, Chile. The eclipse occurs directly over Pucon on December 14, during the Chilean summer.

Pucon, the location of the festival, is one of the most beautiful natural places in the world. There are mountains and rivers, lake beaches and hot springs, and the volcano Villarrica.

There will be 3 stages featuring the most outstanding upcoming Goa and Techno Dj´s from all over the World creating an mindblowing festival in the middle of chile’s beautiful mountains.

Get to know about the mystical ancient Mapuche traditional Shaman rituals and enjoy the breathtaking monumental total eclipse while being part of the best rave on the world. 

Join us in the adventure and enjoy this once in a Lifetime Experience with us!
For more info visit the FACEBOOK EVENT PAGE
Solar Eclipse Festival 2020 Chile

This gonna be epic guys , Solar Eclipse & Volcanos ! ( Drone Video of the event surroundings ) !Get in touch with the beautiful nature of Pucon, the most beautiful place in Chile. Be impressed by the monumental mountains and the active volcano Villarica. Chill out at the lake- beaches and relax in the hot springs.Joint our event guest list : free to share with your social networks and help spread the word ! Footage by : Johnny Wanda Music From : Argus - We Are One.

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Hey everybody, 💓🙏 probably there is some confusion going on here. Just to clear it up: there are 2 different independent Eclipse festivals happening in South America in December 2020. Ours is taking place in Pucon which is in the Centre of Chile and therefore the Centre of the Eclipse phenomenon. The similar names of the festivals might have created the confusion, but people around the world create Eclipse Festivals in their respective countries so we created it in Chile. We know the people around the festival area and for us it is important to include them into the festival, too. Therefore we patented the Festival‘s name right from the start organizing Chile‘s Eclipse festival which is created for locals and travelers likewise. ... See MoreSee Less

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We want to perform there

NogaChertkoff ראית שיש 2 פסטיבלים באותו שם באותו תאריך?!?

Is this the same team that put in Oregon Eclipse in 2017?

Well I am really happy to read that it will be run by locals to make some good money on this event, I guess the chile country side is struggling to make a living to like other small outskirts of the wold. You say there is only vegetarian food, sounds nice because it always taste really good, will it be affordable ore expensive to eat at the site? I really love the idea of it being a psychedelic trance gathering.. if you by any chance are looking for some underground tunes i highly recommend two Portuguese pioneers in the art of telling a story and making people dance ..✨😉✊🎶 Dj Vortex & dj necronomicon they have been playing for decades and are truly small gems in this amazing culture ✨🙂 Please give a heads up when tickets are available much love to the project ✨🙂✊

Gabo Vázkez

This isn’t ran but the guys who did the Oregon one and the others FYI friends

Patents don’t cover names or concepts, just inventions. Trademark covers name. But that’s not the same as copyright, which exists inherently on works of art or other intellectual property.

100% pstrance and vegetarian? Say no more! I’m happy there is more than 1 eclipse festival because I need more food options due to allergies and at least some house music lol

Michael Kapes Jr.

Supriya Venkat Eric O'Delic

Your best bet is to get tipper and friends to play if you're tryna win an audience

Chris James

Tha is for clarity! I’m excited to see your progress

Jeff Underdown

Clayton Carrell

Hello dear Eclipse community,

We apologize for the long silence! There have been some issues with the website and the payment options but we are fixing that right now. We will also answer your questions that came up.

The plans and preparations are getting more concrete, so in a few days the website will be online again and we will provide further information--you can already look forward to the first DJ announcements!

So sorry if this waiting time created bad feelings and thank you all for your patience. We are a small Chilean company and great friends from all over the world working together on one big project to share with all of you. Sometimes unexpected unpredictable things happen which one has to deal with but we are definitely doing our very best to create a wonderful festival for you.

Also, any kind of help is appreciated, so if you are ready to help us you are very welcome. Because that's what the festival is all about- sharing skills and working together.

So this original, firstly patented Eclipse Festival is definitely going to happen with all of us and a lot of good music, creative artists, healthy food and amazing nature. It is important for us to organise this festival in harmony with nature and the local community, to leave the place at least as beautiful as is now before the festival. Our food and drinks will be coming from local shops and persons.

So we are already looking forward to meeting all of you and sorry again for any inconvenience! See you at the latest next year!
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There are enough amazing people to attend both events.

scam scam scam

Emmmm... Seems like fake. Announcing the ssme dste that Global Eclipse

Anyone in need of two early bird tix????

Alex Ocean

All y’all are wack as fuck!!!!! It’s a year and a half away give them some time to announce and figure it out

hey there, with all the news feeds on the Patagonia festival, could you give us an update ?

Also interested in how to participate/be involved...would love an application link, when available.


This is crazy ..... and it’s sounding like a egotistic disaster. Hope not though .... everyone looses ....

How do we get involved !?

Kell Harris


No inconvenience big enough to take away from the beautiful experience you guys manifest. Thank you guys!!😘

How do we get involved with helping?

Alana Jade is this it?

Justin Kent

Jüstïn Williäms

Deviin Zangger

Looks like there are 2 major electronic festival for the Eclipse....

Leyton Gautama you should think about going to this.

I love your honesty! Thank you!

WHO WE ARE ? We are Chilean's Eclipse chasers collaborating with various International Dj's , Artist and local indigenous community's . Our goal is to provide a venue for this powerful spiritual experience of community, a shared cultural experience . Right now we are working on the early planning phases of manifestation. We have plenty of time to create a magical and safe place for people to experience and celebrate the eclipse , Join us in the adventure and enjoy this once in a Lifetime Experience with us! ... See MoreSee Less

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We are planning lots at the moment would be lovely to be able to communicate with you . I’m the founder of a foundation set of across the globe to support children in crisis .. we do many projects where we help make a difference to children’s lives and planning on something for the eclipse .. can you send me your contact details would be great to speak with you?

How do we pm you? We hope to share positive support and production strategic planning. We have high level event organization and infrastructure building support, for healthy event experience. Vision processing to produce art installations and logistics, composting waste, permaculture installations, nature mandalas live art ~ shade structures design concept ~ bamboo art structures design lounges. So many things to bring to your production team.

It’s my 50th dec 14!! Born in Chile and came to Australia w my family when we immigrated It’s my dream to spend my most significant birthday in my birth place I’m saving and praying I will be there to witness this huge event Much love from a homesick Chilean

The Oregon Eclipse Festival was a combination of many organizers from around the world. Hopefully you will collaborate and join together for this? I don't want to have to choose between festivals :)

Are you open to musician applications? I'd like to share my music with you for consideration to perform at this.

Stoked to do as the Chileans do. When in rome right?! Support and love for you guys.

Allison Bianca its on, prepare for an adventure.. 😉👍😈🐯😎

I´d like to paticipate. Please check "Willi TheCook" on mixcloud. Suerte👍😮

How many times you gonna keep posting about not being affiliated?

How come it said 2020 Patagonian on the back of the ticket?

Angela Maisch

Laura Katy Sina Lior Tim Jannes

Hasoka Aoldman Krieg

Yeaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaah pure love for this Chilean crew

Laura Sanford. 2020 we gotta go to Chile 🇨🇱 for the eclipse

The eclipse is said to be July 2nd 2019?

I am really interested in bringing my project,i understand its a diferent .organization Much love from Utah. Listen to Kings town - Alboroise (nmad RMX) #np on #SoundCloud

Hmmm I wonder how soon we can look into travel arrangements and purchase flights?

If i came to chile i wouldnt want to leave.

Meera Bose

Mmmmm yes

do u have link for tickets ?

Bobby definitely going to be keeping an eye out for helping set up the festival, this is going to be too perfect of an opportunity.

Lorraine Frankie round2!!?

Tiffany Mae Summer Alker William Pfeiffer

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