infraschall records

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When was your label founded?
‘Infraschall Records’ was founded in the spring of 2007 by Roland Thurner and Stefan Klotz, a.k.a. grenzmedial. The Label is based in Austria.

Who is/are your main distribution?

+ digital distribution in the future

Labelconcept and -philosophy?
Infrashall Records aims to publish a wide range of forward-looking electronic music styles, in particular Psy-trance. Our releases are not limited to CD’s only, but also DVD’s and digital distribution of music and videos. We concentrate on newcomers and artists with few or no releases.

We are searching for talented producers.

Number of releases so far?

Copies per release (Vinyl/CD)?

Your artist pool?
So far we only have 1 artist ‘grenzmedial’ but we are planning to sign other artists.

Upcoming releases:
grenzmedial CD+DVD – 03. September 2007

Your opinion about the digital age (digital releases/distribution)?
There are a lot of risks and chances. We take the situation as it is, and try to
focus on the chances and try to minimize the risks. There many ways how to use the Internet and digital media for effective but cheap promotion, and there are also ways how to minimize p2p and copying…

Your opinion about the future of (psy) trance and your position in it?
The scene is still growing and the music gets more popular.

comming soon

Your name / position?
Roland Thurner / Owner