Interview: Perfect Stranger

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Marina Tavares – When was your first contact with electronic music?

Perfect Stranger – I guess my first contact with electronic music happened around 1976, when my mom traveled from Russia to Hungary and came back with a record of Jean-Michel Jarre-Oxygen. Of course, I didn’t know back in those days it was considered to be electronic music but it was my favorite piece of musical art for the next decade… 

Marina Tavares – How did your career start?

Perfect Stranger – My friends gave me a check on my 27th birthday to buy a Synth to start making trance music. I never touched a Synth previously or had a clue a music would be generated via Computer… I did play the guitar and sing though…

Marina Tavares – How did you create your project Perfect Stranger?

Perfect Stranger – Around 2005 I was about to quit making music and move to what I studied in College (Acupuncture) but Banel from Iboga suggested that I should make few slower tracks for Iboga and I agreed… Then Perfect Stranger project was born.

Marina Tavares – Who were your influences?

Perfect Stranger – My major influences were always from Psychedelic Rock of the late 60′ and beginning of the 70′ they still are… From the Trance scene I guess that my biggest influences were X-Dream and Hallucinogen back in the daze (and still are too) and since I am in contact with the LOUD guys (from around 2006) I can say they brought me a lot of inspiration over the years.

Marina Tavares – What are your favorite three albuns of all times?

Perfect Stranger – If Psychedelic Trance then:

X-Dream – We Created Our Own Happiness

Hallucinogen – Twisted

Kox Box – The Great Unknown

Trentmoller – The Last Resort

If generally then:

Pink Floyd – The Dark Side Of The Moon

Led Zeppelin – Selling England By The Pound

Beatles – Abbey Road

Asking for only 3 is really unfair…

Marina Tavares – Where do you get inspiration to create new music?

Perfect Stranger – From my daily life mostly, and if I have some outstanding musical experience then from that too.

Marina Tavares – How can you define your music?

Perfect Stranger – It’s multi genre stuff really. I really wanted at many points in my life to create music that falls under certain genre of music completely… I didn’t manage really well I guess… So eventually it became sort of a genre on it’s own.

Marina Tavares – Where was your most remarkable gig?

Perfect Stranger – I had so many amazing shows. It’s very hard to choose just one… But if I had to, then it would be probably the Eclipse Festival 2012 near Cairns in Australia and I would include there both of my performances there, and the whole party and the Total Eclipse phenomena that made all the event absolutely outstanding.

Marina Tavares – When was the first time you played in Brazil?

Perfect Stranger – I think I came down to Brazil first time ever around 2003 and played in Solaris Festival as BLT and Danni Makov (my drummer partner at that time).

Marina Tavares – How was to play at Universo Paralello Festival 12?

Perfect Stranger –  It was awesome, UP is a great tradition, and since the NY 2006/7 till today I played all the festivals in Bahia apart 1 (number 11) so I have a lot of good moments to take in my heart from those parties. I missed my DJ set however (as I was in the bus still on the way to festival on the time I was scheduled to play) which was a bit of a bummer.

Marina Tavares – What are the differences between the Brazilian and Israeli electronic music scene?

Perfect Stranger – Well, I would say that the main difference between Brazil and almost anywhere on the planet, is the size of the events. I mean there are so many parties in Brazil that are 5.000 people and more… For Israel, that boasts with a very active party scene those numbers happen few times a year, but in Brazil that happens weekly and many times in more than one event at the same weekend. That makes Brazilian parties very exciting to perform in because of the huge audience but also there comes the demand for purely commercial music most of the time.

Marina Tavares – Is there some place you never played and really want to play?

Perfect Stranger – There are more than a few… I would love to play in Argentina and Chile… Would visit Patagonia if I am already there too…

Marina Tavares – What are you passionate about life, besides music?

Perfect Stranger – I am passionate with my amazing relationship that I am having in the last couple of years, and also passionate with the nature and all the new things and new friends I am having staying in the Bay Area (near San Francisco, CA). Life is very exciting last two years I have to admit.

Marina Tavares – What are the news about tours and releases?

Perfect Stranger – I have a huge tour in Australia & New Zeland coming in the winter, I will be down under for a month or so, and play on many festivals and parties and also will travel NZ and Tasmania that is very exciting. There is a good bunch of festivals in Europe lined in for the summer time too, and well anticipated Perfect Ace 3 hour set in Ozora Festival (we used to play sets together some 6-7 years ago, and it would be absolutely exciting to make one special performance again). There are no specific plans for Brazil at the moment, but they will come I am sure, just visit my Facebook page and there is a gig list that is regularly updated there.

Regarding music releases, I been doing so many remixes, it’s something I have to stop with soon and let myself write original material again… There is one original track that I am very happy about called Manifestation… I think there are few videos of it circulating… Between my remix duties I been remixing some really great Psychedelic music from 20 years ago and more… So expect remixes to Art Of Trance and Eat Static as much as many others… 

Marina Tavares – Some final words for your fans?

Perfect Stranger – Big love and hugs enjoy Psychedelic music, we are one.