Interview with Vini Vici

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Hi there – how’s it going? Been busy with the Vini Vici project lately?
Hello. We are Aviram and Matan (aka Vini Vici ) – we are doing great, thanks for asking. Yes,we are very busy touring all over the world – especially before our new album (coming April 13th). Just this month we have been in Mexico, Switzerland and Israel and this weekend Italy and Brazil so our schedule is tight.

Since Vini Vici is still a relatively new project, can you tell us a little bit about yourself, the Vini Vici project and what you’ve been involved with before?
Vini Vici is a new project yeah. We have had it for a little bit more then a year – and in this short time we got number of tracks that had great success on Beatport, fully played by the biggest Psytrance DJ’s. Even huge trance DJ’s like Armin Van Buuren and Aly & Fila.
Besides that we have been involved in the Psytrance world for 13-14 years, known as Sesto Sento (as well as Gataka and Ferbi boys). We been playing all over the world, some of the biggest psy-stages, sold a gold album, have almost 400,000 likes on our fan page in facebook, more then 2,000,000 views on a few tracks in YouTube and the list goes on…

What would you say started your interest in the progressive trance side of electronic music coming from the faster, full on side?
Well, we always loved both sides of Psytrance (the classic progressive trance and full on) that we grew up on, and we had an insight about a year ago or so… To take influence from the progressive classic trance style that we loved, and mix it with the sound and pumping vibe we have in our blood. And the result is Vini Vici 😉

Looking through your schedule you are apparently still very busy playing as Sesto Sento. How do you find time to still make new music with this project?
Yeah, as I mentioned before we are busy all over. But we can say that we are “workaholics” – we are touring with both names, but we love music so much and our passion to it is so strong that we produce everywhere and all the time. Airports, hotels, airplanes, living rooms, you name it – and we probably produced a track there already 😀

Your new album is titled “Future Classics” – what’s the story behind this title?
As our goal with Vini Vici is to combine the “classic” progressive style and to combine it with the “futuristic” progressive, this also influenced the name of our album “Future classics”. We felt that there isn’t a better name to describe our music. Besides that … who knows, maybe in the end it will be a future classic 😉

On to the musical side of the album. What can we expect?
We are absolutely thrilled with the album – it’s very pumping and psychedelic. We think the biggest track on the album is called “The Tribe” as it is a pure way in our head to describe our tribe – The Psytrance Tribe.

Listen to “The Tribe” preview here:

Actually – as we are speaking the last single from our album got into the top10 in Beatport. It’s called Alteza, and it’s a fully powered track with more dark-ish roots.
We also have a remix to Ticon – “Hops Of Hades” that is a more pure progressive trance and a remix to Liquid Soul & Zyce – “We Come In Peace”. And then there’s a few more original tracks such as “Talking with U.F.O.’s” and “Namaste” – a collaboration track with Major7.
It’s full of goodies and we are very excited!

What would you say is the best part about being an electronic musician?
The best part of being a musician / electronic producer and DJ is that we can express our feelings with music and combine people with Sesto Sento. Our names for albums were spiritual – like “Key to the universe”, “Come together”, “The Innner light” etc – that’s definitely one of the best feelings that exists here in the world.

And the best part? 😉
Haha, you caught us – The truth is that the best is Sex, Drugs and Raves! Nah, there is a lot of good parts of doing what you love – there is a saying that decribes it best:

“When you do what you love you never need to work ”

Looking back on the first time with the Vini Vici project, are there any of your own tracks or releases that you’re particularly satisfied with?
With Vini Vici we have a lot of tracks that we are really proud of. “Expander” was number 1 in Beatport for more than a month as we recall correctly and got played all over the place – even by Armin van Buuren.
“Anything & Everything” (made with Pixel) also got played all over the scene is one of our favorites.
“Back Underground” is probably the best at smashing dance floors, while “Veni Vidi Vici” has a deeper meaning for us – but the list really goes on and on .

I guess you’ve seen your fair share of parties and festivals over the years; what keeps you motivated and inspired to continue to produce music?
We are getting inspired from a lot of things in the world – countries, parties, people, nature, moods and situations that give us the muse to create a new track. And basically our love and passion for music.

Having been involved with so many projects … do you have any other musical projects in the pipeline after the long work on the Vini Vici album?
For now we are really fully booked and fully busy with Vini Vici & Sesto Sento so no time for other new projects. But who knows what the future will bring…

Are there are any other artists – outside or inside the trance scene – that inspire you at the moment?
Wow – of course there’s such a big list of music that we love! Daft Punk, Prodigy, Chemical Brothers, Bob Marley, Fatboy Slim, Air…

If we have to pick some psytrance at the moment, we think that Royal Flush & Outsiders are really doing a great job at the moment. For classics we no doubt go with GMS, Infected Mushroom and Simon Posford.

And what about your “regular” life back in Israel – do you have other passions or hobbies besides music?
Our life is all around music 24/7. This is our profession, hobby and passion. You can say that we got married with music. But we love to play soccer and hang out with friends in our spare time.

To the ones who want to hear you live anytime soon, do you have any interesting gigs coming up?
Definitely‫!!!‬.We have lots of shows coming up.
If we we will have to choose a few, I look forwared to “Alien Trip” In Brasil / “XXXperience” In Brasil / ‘Atmosphere’ in Mexico / ‘Freedom Festival’ in Portugal / ‘World Trance’ in France / ‘EarthCore’ in Australia / ‘Virus Festival’ Swiss…

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