IRAKLIS MINDPHASER - Charts December 2017

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Iraklis Mindphaser started djing in 1991 playing breakbeat and techno from vinyl records in small Athens parties. In 1992 he played at his first big party,Special Grooves of DJs(800 people open air party). In 1994 he created his first party team,called Rave Crew,with whom he organised a number of parties. By the end of 1996,after finishing a sound engineering school,he started working for Floorfiller Productions in the production department.Apart from the valuable knowledge he gained,he also had the opportunity to play with famous dj’s like Paul Oakenfold,Sasha,Nick Warren,Alex Neri(Planetfunk),Dave Ralph etc. During the years 1997-8 he played in the biggest Athenian clubs (+Soda, Camel, Playroom) and was resident DJ of the Cream and Renaissance parties(popular London based parties)that took place in Greece for the first time(Corfu, Crete, Athens, Salonica). In 1998 he started Mindphaser Music Trips,from which he got his nickname. Since 2000 he has been resident dj and the main organiser of 290+ Natural High events,which have been an opportunity for both famous like Infected Mushroom,Juno Reactor,Hallucinogen,Ethnica,Raja Ram,Skazi,Total Eclipse, Parasense,Talamasca,Orion,Joti,Electric Universe,LunaRave,KoxBox,M.W.N.N. + more…. and less known artists to play psytrance for the vivid audiences of Natural High. Natural High has also collaborated with Void Network, Loopsnoo Recs,Exposure Productions A.K. Iraklis Mindphaser has played in many festivals such as Sola Luna Festival 2002,E-FOS 2001, Electro Free Festivals 2,3,4,5-12, Kaiafas Int. Festival 2004, Samothraki 2005,Legalize Fest 06+07+08+10+11+12,Butterfly Festival 2006+2007 +Aurora Festival 2008+9,Indie Free, B fest 2009+10+11+13, 4G Festival,MCF,Hybrid Uv,+DXF on 2013 Free Earth2013+14+16 +more… as well as in Cyprus,India/Goa.
His musical style is Psychedelic Trance/Progressive/Breakbeat and technically he mixes beat to beat.


Interstellar Overdrive : Trance Mystical State (UNR)

Pantomiman & Fungus Funk : Fock Music (Looney Moon)

Synkronic – Alien Kronic (Paramystical Records )

Diksha – Space Radio Station (Paramystical Records )

UkaUka - Ukadelic (Believe Lab Records)

Purist - Prajâpatis (Sangoma Records)

PoEt - Unreal Engine (SquareLab Music)

Dust - Margaritals (Nano Records)

Journey and Hypnocoustics - Kinesioiptic (Free-Spirit Records)

Braincell - Hyperactive (Sacred Technology)

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