Is it dangerous for weed smokers to get sedated for surgery with propofol?

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Alledgedly it is...I had a really scary experience at my dentist. i had written down in the questionaire of the anaesthesist that i smoke but he got the info right before surgery.... so almost no time to react accordingly... i got sedated with propofol and when i woke up everyone in the room was looking at me with huge eyes and they looked quite scared... after a while the dentist came to me and shouted at me that i was a fool not to tell anyone in advance that i smoke weed, it could have gone wrong very quickly if they had not done their very best to save this is also more or less a warning to everyone who gets surgery and smokes seems that you have to stop smoking two weeks in advance to be you guys know something of this? did it happen to you somewhere? how do they sedate people in the netherlands? i mean, chances that they have to sedate a weed smoker there are a little higher than here in germany i guess....


This is indeed a scary story.

Statistically, the number of cannabis smokers is not higher in Holland. But because it’s not a “taboo subject”, doctors (anaesthecists in this case) are well informed and therefore able to take correct action. However, this should be the case in Germany too!

It’s most common to use an inhalational anaesthetic before surgery, which is probably for a good reason (fewer contra-indications). But at Azarius we have no medical information on this particular topic, so the advice we’d like to give to everyone: please inform your doctor as early and in as much detail as you can. Don’t be afraid to tell about your drug use, there won’t be legal consequences.

When in the hospital, it’s only your health that counts!