Is it hard to grow potent Kanna in Northern Europe?

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Is it hard to grow potent Kanna in Northern Europe?


Kanna (Sceletium tortuosum) is a South african plant and therefore it is used to lots of light and high temperatures. A temperature of at least 16°C is preferred and frost should be avoided at all costs. In northern Europe we’d recommend you to grow your kanna plants in a greenhouse or take them inside during winter.

When inside, make sure they’ll get enough light. Outside, a sunny spot is definitely recommended. However, be cautious with direct sunlight during the early stages of cultivation.

It’s still difficult to say much more about the potency of plants grown in northern Europe, not many people have been growing Kanna over here. However, this is what we collected from the website :

In all climates, the plant will show a period of inactivity, which takes up to nine months. In this period not much attention is required. New growth or the appearance of flowers announces a period of activity in which the plant needs more care. 

Experts say that the alkaloid level of the plant reaches its peak during fruit formation, so this would be the best time to harvest. A local shepherd in Namaqualand says the plant is most powerful ‘at the end of the season when most of the leaves are dead’.