Is it possible to stay in a datura or mushrooms trip for months and how can this happen?

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Is it possible to stay in a datura or mushrooms trip for months and how can this happen?


Ah, the biggest fear surrounding psychedelic substances; the trip that doesn’t end, or better put, never completely disappears.

To be perfectly clear: all trips end at some point, there’s a finite window of time during which a substance will have effects.

That being said, it’s not uncommon to hear about people who have so-called flashbacks, usually following a bad trip.

These flashbacks are often caused by something that triggers you to remember (parts of) your trip, and will usually disappear after a while.

But, if you’re really, really unlucky you might develop a nasty condition called HPPD (Hallucinogen Persisting Perception Disorder), or even worse, a drug-induced psychosis.

HPPD is a disorder that solely affects the visual aspects of your perception, you may experience weird optic effects such as flashes and distorted vision, while mentally not experiencing a change in perception.

This is due to your brain not being able to properly filter and process the (visual) impulses it receives anymore.

This disorder may stay present for several years, but in most cases passes eventually.

In extreme cases you may experience a drug-induced psychosis, which could mean you’ll experience hallucinations and are no longer able to differentiate reality from the trip.

Drug-induced psychoses are rare occurrences, and are somewhat more likely to happen to those who are already predisposed to experiencing psychoses.

With the right form of therapy these psychoses, in most cases, will eventually pass.

So, possible? In a way, certainly.

How it happens? There’s just not enough research done yet to tell the exact causes. Scarily enough, it could happen to anyone.

But the frequency is much lower than the persistency of this idea would suggest.