Is it safe to mix MDMA with Psilocybin?

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I really want to experience spiritual journey on a big dosage of truffles. However, I am worried to have bad trip and panic attacks, which are more common at high doses. Therefore I am curious if it would be an option to mix big dosage of truffles with small dosage of MDMA (as MDMA is one of the most efficient anxiolytic). Would it be safe? By the way, I am going to check the purity of MDMA with "eztest". However, I am also worried - can the "eztest" effectively differentiate the pure MDMA from its analogues (that might be research chemicals with unknown side effects)?


Mixing MDMA with Psilocybin, or ‘hippy flipping’, is not so uncommon. It is generally advised to get the timing of taking both substances right, but the opinions on what the best timing is can differ from person to person.

Some people prefer to take MDMA before taking mushrooms, for others it’s the complete opposite. For your situation, we would advise taking the mushrooms first, about an hour before you take the MDMA. If you take the MDMA first, you might experience the comedown of that while the psilocybin is still effective, this might make you a bit anxious.

 Whether the combination is safe; well, doing drugs is never completely safe. But as far as we know, these two substances can be combined without any major harmful effects. Be sure to have good, pure MDMA though, and take a bit smaller dose of truffles than you normally would!

The EZ Test for MDMA purity is really just to check the purity of the MDMA, not to differentiate between substances. If you want a test that can detect if what you have is actually MDMA, we would advise using the EZ Test Ecstasy.

A combination of both tests would probably be the best way to go; one to check if it actually is MDMA, the other to calculate the purity.

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