Italian Goa forces

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In Italy there are many realities that have been able to radicalize and many other more recent projects have accomplished their first complete paths, trying different roles and also providing a good generational change. Finally Italy also has its own history with its past, present and future thanks to the commitment of many, its artists, professionals, participants and new generations. The great youth participation with its loves and passions has been able to revitalize our scene composed of multicolored models of aggregation that automatically have adapted to a younger audience and artists, widening the active participation to more people promoting the development of new realities. This change in participation has triggered a different commitment in the attention to be devoted during the organization of events and their management, as in the production of music and the care of all the paths that each group has decided and managed to build up by creating a good party.


Important Artist from Italy:
Psykia Vantare vichitra, Banyan rec.


Important Psytrance label from Italy:
D Noir Records


Important Party/Festival label from Italy:
Offlabel Crew
More Parties/Festivals:
there are many companies that have been working in Italy for many years and that are able to realize great international festivals Sonica, which was the first true goa-psytrance festival that we managed to make in Italy and is still the biggest today. Then as a festival we have the young WAO or the new Atlas Festival. While we have many qualified groups that are constantly working as the Quarion Tribe, or Shanti in central Italy, new groups in Emilia Romagna like the Different reality and the Evil Corp


Important Deco artist from Italy:
More Deco artists:
we are going through a period where we develop many visual art


Preferred music styles inItaly:
full on, forest or dark
When parties are starting? When they are closing or have to close?:
in Italy we really liked the parties in nature even in longer times but in the necessary space
Are there clubs that open in the morning, is it easy to find one, do peoples have open private afterhours…:
During the winter when we go to perform in some private room that does not allow us a long possibility of permanence we often decide to stay still together with some after
Tell us about prices. Average entry for a party (small - mid - big-sized), beer, water etc.:
the cost of admission to the party varies according to the costs of realization of each individual event and each reality self-manages its resources
Are there traffic controls after parties / festivals, which kind of tests are used?:
We have always had our policies and initiatives in terms of harm reduction or even a simple check by the insiders or safety for the expulsion of harmful substances during the events that we carry out as a natural rule without being too much to control


Space Dragoon
His/Her role in the Psytrance community:
my role has been constant over the years in all roles outside the production of music, at least for now. In different groups over the years or alone I have collaborated on single events with the various realities of the area. I managed to realize the organization of the parties from before and then introduce myself later as an electrician because I was already performing in medieval historical re-enactments as a percussionist for many years. As a decorator I have also worked on the realization of big projects in some deko team for festivals or decorating the parties, leaving a lot of space to the nature that welcomed us from time to time, joining other structures or other backdrop to some that I have always accompanied my initiatives. . In the future we plan to make the most of our Italian natural environment by implementing open air or semi open air projects trying to enhance and give space to many DJs and producers of the various realities
Info about the author:
More than fifteen years I go to the goa - psytrance scene collaborating with many realities in the realization of experimental events for many years until we have been able to radicalize well in the Italian territory always trying to keep together the various realities. I come from a small country and I can also organize small events during the year or to collaborate with other companies for the realization of bigger projects
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Goa, full on, forest