Kalilaskov AS – Acid Test 2017 - Charts September 2017

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Hello friends so here is some Kalilaskov AS – Acid Test All tracks was mixed by Kalilaskov AS and downloaded in wave quality from Internet free compilations.

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Style : Forest/Darkpsy/Psychedelic

Records : Various

Time : 1 hr

Format : Mastered Waves

Mixed by : Kalilaskov AS

Thanks to all artist’s for such amazing and trippy music. I am had real fun to play and mix all the tracks together. Real Psychedelic Trip! For more information about my own music, demos to “Ohm Ganesh Pro”, Booking or just to say HI! Feel free to contact me via my Facebook page Vadim Tcherkashin – Kalilaskov AS




Hybrid Reality - Broceliande 139Bpm

Sionnach vs Xymox vs Lah Narrad - Smash the Pashty 148 Bpm

Third Eye of Monkey - Ch'Eh'Oh 150 Bpm

Erich Chudl - In the Middle of Nowhere 151 Bpm

The Galactic Brain vs Nierika - California Gold 152 Bpm

Reflection - Raining Tress (Part 3) 154 Bpm

Aurokarya - Early Retirement 150 Bpm

Parasense - DJ'S Centipede 148 Bpm

Dirty Saffi - Rest of Our Lives 149 Bpm

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Kalilaskov As Music

Hello friends so here is some Kalilaskov AS - Acid Test All tracks was mixed by Kalilaskov AS and downloaded in wave quality from Internet free compilations.... ... See MoreSee Less

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Kalilaskov As Music

a new 360" concept, Vishvarupa, in collab. with FullDome.pro
in progress
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Kalilaskov As Music

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