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The earthcore 2014, is going to take place in Pyalong, Victoria from the 27th of November to the 1st of December 2014, and it’s going to be a sensational follow-up to its super-humongous 20th Anniversary, which took place last year. This year the line-up seems to be as stunning as the previous year’s show, and there’s load that’s being offered besides the music.There are five stages or dance areas to keep you entertained. When you need to grab some calm or bit of sanity after all the body-blasting dancing, make your way to the Elemental Planet, which has five zones. Here you can interact with teachers and practitioners, who will share their wisdom and insights with you.

And that’s not the end of the fun, there’s going to be mind-blowing performances from talented dancers, acrobats, comedians, minstrels, clowns, magicians, aerialists, and many more amazing shows. There’ll also be range of installations that will turn you into a drooling art-fanatic. If you want to see some audio-visual performances that don’t come from your head, then you can check out the Muffplex, which will showcase a stunning array of genre classics. If just reading about all the things you can do there left you breathless, imagine seeing them!

Here’s an interview with the organizers:

It has been said, that “We stand on the shoulders of giants…” We are the culmination of all that has been, is and will be. The theme “Ancient Future Past,” is the celebration of the entire timeline of the music and culture that has made the psy-scene what is it today. How did you and the team come up with such a brilliant theme?

Ancient Future Past is a fantasy world we are creating that will be infused with historical oddities, awe inspiring futurism, thought provoking theories and paradigm shifting propaganda. What will be seen cannot be unseen. The thirst for knowledge and challenging of the norm is what inspires many of us. This will be celebrated and we will be left pondering what is fantasy and what is real. There is more about the theme here: http://earthcore.com.au/theme.php 

As much as a solid lineup is required to keep the festival rocking along, the theme, layout, design and visual elements are of the highest priority. Not willing to settle for second best, every part of the event is being meticulously planned to blow the minds of all who attend. The theme was chosen as the collective conscious has been awakening to the lessons of the past and the path to the future.

With Ancient Future Past being the overall theme of the festival there are also fully interactive elements like the DIY social which encourage creativity from the punters who will contribute to the festival’s organic growth plus a huge market and lifestyle area. The theme ties everything together for what will be a fully immersive festival experience.

“Expect the Unexpected,” is the mindset you want the revellers to be in. But will you be nice enough to reveal a little teaser/taster of the delights that we can look forward to? Anything that is significantly different from last year?

Last year was the first year back after a brief hiatus so we put on a BIG show which captures people’s imaginations but this year’s festival will completely blow it out of the water. There have been a few sneak peaks of stage designs and other elements that have been posted on our Facebook page to whet people’s appetites. For a taste of what’s to come the website also has a huge amount of awesome information and news that will help excite and inspire punters. As planning moves into hyperdrive and we start bringing everything together in the lead up to the event, the information flow will kick up a notch so stay tuned and start planning your festival frivolity! 

 What is the best part/highlights of organizing a festival? What drives you? How do you feel moments before the gates open?

With over twenty years experience there are a lot of lessons I have learned, some the hard way, but now I’m in a good place where the enjoyment far outweighs the stress. In fact, the absolute craziness of the whole scene and planning such a massive event is a driver for me to want to push things to the next level. There a lots of elements I enjoy, from recruiting an army of mind bending artists from around the world to gathering designers and construction crews to put together stages that are beyond even their wildest imaginations. A team of experts who know their jobs are integral to the festival running smoothly. The real hard work goes on behind closed doors, the planning is intense, but it is all worth it when the gates open and the party begins. To see a world you have built rise before your eyes and invite the likeminded souls to play amongst it is a wonderful thing.

What makes Earthcore unique from other festivals? What is the ritual character of Earthcore? The name of the festival says a lot, but we would like to hear it from you.

Earthcore was started when there were no rules, there were no preconceptions, there were no expectations, there excitement about the great unknown. That underlying fact has stayed with Earthcore throughout its journey. Each year brings new lessons and the organic growth over time has built the machine into a fully functioning mind melting extravaganza. We refuse to compromise on basics like quality acts, earth shaking sound systems, stages designed to captivate imagination and creating a space that encourages creativity and safety. Throw in audiovisual insanity and performances from world class contributors and you have all the makings for the ritual that is Earthcore. We welcome you into our world. Enjoy your stay!

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