KiM0 - Charts October 2017

KiM0 is a nickname of Mihajlo Prerad, psytrance DJ who was born in Belgrade, Serbia and currently living and working in Vienna, Austria.

As a DJ he started long time ago, back in 2005, organizing various parties and small festivals in Serbia as a member of Synchronic Solutions crew. Later on he joined Soundmute recordings as a label DJ and promoter. Until now, KiM0 played in most of the major clubs and festivals in Serbia, Austria, Croatia and region.

In the year 2017, KiM0 became a CEO and label DJ of worldwide leading psy and progressive trance label TesseracTstudio, a pioneer of “serbian style” psytrance and label with more than 150 digital and 30 CD releases. It is a home to artists like Zyce, Flegma, Talpa, Arhetip, Freaked Frequency, Sonic Entity, Vertex, Ectima, Nerso and others. 

KiM0 is a passionate DJ who loves to play various styles of psytrance and progressive beats, combining very often old-school twisted sounds with new fresh production, which makes his performance a truly unique dance-floor experience.

Besides psytrance, Mihajlo is also playing as KiM Zero, where he is oriented on deep, ethnic, progressive, tribal and world sounds, variating from 105 – 125 bpm.


Talpa - Average Looking Bicycle

Zyce & Morten Granau - Techno Kids

Zyce - The Ritual (Flegma Remix)

Ectima - Symbiosis

Talpa - The Moon (Flegma Remix)

Freaked Frequency - Beyond Thought

Sonic Entity - All is Mind

Genetrick - Mongol

Arhetip - Hypnotic Daze

Waveform - Extraterrestrial Beings

2 days ago


Had some fun with brother Talpa last night 👽

Great party at Asisozial b-day, hope you had a good dance with us 🎶☇
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Had some fun with brother Talpa last night 👽

Great party at Asisozial b-day, hope you had a good dance with us 🎶☇

4 days ago


⚠ Tomorrow at Zur Wunderkammer! We are celebrating Asisozial birthday, its going to be BLAST! 💥💥💥

Talpa KiM0 TesseracTstudio TesseracTagency
HEUTE !! 11 Y Asisozial TALPA u.v.m

HEUTE !! 11 Y Asisozial TALPA u.v.mJan 20, 11:00pmZur Wunderkammer11 Y Asisozial <-> 33 Y Asi


Wir feiern dieses Jahr gleich 2 Schnappszahlen und hauen deshalb wieder richtig auf dem Putz, mit einem farbenfrohen Lineup, bei welchem für jeden etwas dabei ist.
🙂 Ja es gibt auch Schnapps (:

Weil dies vorläufig die letzte Party sein wird, hauen wir alle Deko, welche in den letzten Jahre durch Ill+anti mit viel Kreativität und Aufwand erstellt wurde raus.
Nein, ihr müsst nicht gleich mit einem Transporter kommen um den 2 Meter grossen Roboter oder Alien mitzunehmen, könnt diesen Abend aber an einem Wettbewerb mitmachen, um eines der Deko-Elemente zu gewinnen und zeitnah abzuholen.


Talpa (TesseracT, Serbien)

Kimo (TesseracT, Österreich)

Rigel (Ovnimoon, Griechenland)

Remerged (Asisozial, Argentinien)

kleinGROSS (Klangwelt7)

Sebastian Kaiser (Nervös)

Fizz (Asisozial)

Dr. Ogen (Asisozial)

A.S.I. (Asisozial)
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HEUTE !! 11 Y Asisozial TALPA u.v.m


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1 week ago


Proud on my TesseracTstudio team 👊👊☇⚠ Don't miss our latest releases and all of them ranked in Top50 #psytrance charts ⚠☇

▶ Shogan - Morning Star
▶ Zyce & Arhetip - Sons of the Future
▶ Ectima - First Dose of DMT
▶ Vertex & Invisible Reality ft. Lydia DeLay - Disturbia


🎶 Stay tuned and follow us, more music and releases coming your way!! 🎶

SAMPLES: TesseracTproductions

#tesseractstudio #psytrance #psyprog
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Proud on my TesseracTstudio team 👊👊
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