“We want to create a reality in which predominates love, freedom, justice and peace, is an infinite work must start from within our hearts, cultivating awareness among us and love.”


Kupuri is a space-time set for holding the unit. It is a multidisciplinary artistic and cultural festival, an area of confluence where numerous creative art groups involved in its various manifestations; like music and dance, painting and visual arts, poetry, circus and theatre, through which  the organizers seek to convey the message of the evolution of consciousness towards respect for the land and living in harmony. The Festival is slotted to run from 1sy May to 3rd May 2015, near SLP, Mexico City.

You can expect a Healing Area, which has yoga, meditation, alternative medicine, etc. There’ll be a traditional fire ceremony, plenty of workshops on a wide range of subjects. Art installations, a water temple and delicious chai & food.

Pre – sale special tickets began in Septemeber, 2014, and will continute till March 2014, For ticket information visit : https://www.facebook.com/events/1528878174006976/


Line Up:

Solar Stage (Psytrance/Progressive)

AUDIOFORM (TIP Records, Grecia)

BARAK (Hadra Records / Catalyst Records, México)

CHRIS RICH (Bom Shanka Music, U.K.)

DJANE GABY (Digital Nature / Source Creation, Eslovenia)

ECLIPTIC (Undergroove Music, México)

EVP (Wildthings Records, U.K.)

HOLON (Catalyst records, México)

JAMES MONRO (Flying Rhino, 4Digitalaudio)

LUNAR (Ovnimoon Records / Kupuri Music, México)

LUPIN (Ovnimoon Records, España)

MARTIAN ARTS (TIP Records, Grecia)

NIGEL SHIVA VALLEY (Bom Shanka Music, U.K.)

PSYGROO (Own Spirit, España)

REALITYGRID (Wildthings Records, U.K.)

SEGGAE (Kupuri Music, México)

SHOVE (Alchemy Records, México)

SKI-FI (Blue tunes, México)

SOULEARTH (On Music, Brasil)

TRON (Zero 1 Music, México)

XOM PAX (Kupuri Music, México)

ZENTAL (Live Band, México)

ZWEEP V.S. PLEYAUDIO (Kupuri Music, México)

Lunar Stage (Bass music/Live bands)

FLOOTING GROOVES (Peak Records, Sudáfrica)

KALS (Altar Records – Ometeotl Music, Mexico)

SÁEG (Ensamble, México)

TOR.MA IN DUB (Catalyst Records – México)



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