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I am Conni Maly born 1971 in Regensburg/Bavaria.
I am playing music since I am child and electro-guitar since 20 years and I am doing electronic music since 10 years as Lava 303.

In the beginning it was mainly doing jamsessions with MC 303 as interactive experience with firedancer and partycrowd. These last years I got more involved into music production and music composition.
I am also working as musicteacher/ musician in some kindergardens playing Pipi Langstrumpf and stuff like this…

I studied at university and did my diplom in music pedagogy (Musik Pädagogik?), making a research about ‘flow-experience in psychedelic trance’ ,making interviews with 20 producers and djs in germany.

Since 92 I am living in Frankfurt am Main.
I came here for playing e-guitar with the all female rock band The Slags, who got a deal with Sony Music. We made another 3 CDs together and were touring alot.

In 96 I fell in love with electronic dance music and party scene and in 98 (after I split with the Slags) I started the electronic music project Lava 303,
The slags had reunion in 2005 and we recorded another album, and there is also one Slags remix on my new Lava 303 album ‘Dancing’.

I am living at a community at northern edge of Frankfurt am Main growing up my kids, doing music and juggling projects. We also have little music studios here and  a nice Sessionband Der Berg Groovt which is chill music project.

We also doing playground () and have been involved in Gathering of the Tribes Festival ( )

I made some singles (Playground 99, Muschipower ep 2002..)and my 1st album Acidrocknroll Stories, which was released in 2004
The NEW album Wunderbare Electrofrau was officially released November 2008 at my birthday.

It´s kind of music-opus, documenting 3 years of inspiration and production work. It was a very important process for me to learn about all the steps of music production till it s end and to develope my own sound which is a mix of rock and techno music.
I started to play my good old marshall guitar amplifier again and also got inspired by life and love and crazyness, to write texts..Using my own voice which is quite an experience.

You shouldnt miss this album because it has something to say and is good&tough dance music outside of mainstream psychedelic trance
Also it got a beautifull 32 page booklet documenting the stories behind the music.

Did you think copying kills music – or did file sharing makes the artist famous? What has been you experience with p2p and track-swapping?

dont know…
it s always nice if people want to support the artists!
Best is to play live music and so I got a very nice live-set together!
So if you like to book me, you re welcome!

Where do you see yourself in 5/10/20 years? Where do you see our scene in the future?

at the seaside
frankfurt am meer!

Your definition of luck & satisfaction? Maybe anything to tell about ‘sex, drugs and rock’n’roll’?

about that you can find out more on my albums in music, words and pictures…

Your favorite musicians? Some beside trance? Please name some artists that really take you higher …

too many….

Where could our readers see/hear you in the next time? Any special events worth to mention here?

21. März Hamburg Sugar Club
27.März München Backstage

Anything you would like to tell the world?

After baby-break and album production
I m happy to get out of studio and play live-gigs again!

open your mind !

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