Liese (Die linken Hände) - Charts April 2011

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“Dr. HD Hand“ and “die linken Hände” are just two of the nicknames of Hamburg based DJ and journalist Liese. He is born in Hamburg in 1968. Since the early 90’s he is influenced by the psychedelic trance scene and collecting mainly chilly sounds.

In 1999 he joined mushroom magazine, where later he was the head of the editorial team. In summer 2008 he left this position. Whatever, he is still consulting the magazine in spiritual matters. He is also known as “die linken Hände” and prefers to play long chill out sets.

If you see “die linken Hände” on a flyer or line-up Liese always likes to invites some other well known artists to join the audience and jam with him together.


Shpongle – Divine Moments of Truth

Parasystem – Alien Craft

Tajmahal – Electro Therapy

The Infinity Project – The Answer

The Zap! – 360 Volts

Kliment – Crystalline

Frankie Goes to Hollywood – Beobachtungen Im Wilden Leben (Die letzten Tage Der Menschheit)

Benji – Ganja Smoker

Cosmosis – The Himalaya

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