Liquid Soul - Charts May 2018

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LIQUID SOUL very relevant among other producers, but most importantly to his fast growing fan base worldwide. Some of the better known projects are: LIQUID ACE (together with Ace Ventura), LIQUID HOOK (together with Captain Hook), as well as the deadly EARSUGAR duo (together with Human Element), and lastly his own experimental solo project called ‘SLEEK’ which focuses more on the deeper minimal and progressive tech genres. Other very impressive career highlights include winning the acclaimed DJ Awards in Ibiza for the psy-trance category, furthermore he won two BEATPORT awards; ‘Best Track’ in 2009 and the prestigious ‘Best Artist’ award in 2010. Finally toping things off, he very comfortably still holds the most #1 releases within the psy-progressive trance categories on BEATPORT, which again speaks for itself. With such an impressive track record and dynamic career it makes complete sense why LIQUID SOUL has presently become one of the highest booked and most in demand artists. With over 100 performances annually, ranging from Festivals, Shows and Clubs such as BOOM, Ozora, Tomorrowland, Ministry of Sound and ASOT to mention a few. The future surrounding this talented artist is certainly going places, so get strapped in as the ride has just began!


Paul Oakenfold - Full Moon Party (Liquid Soul & Zyce rmx)

Vini Vici & Astrix - Adhana

Liquid Soul & Captain Hook - Liquid Hook (Interactive Noise rmx)

Shadow Chronicles - Black Magic Woman

Vini Vici & Ace Ventura - The Calling (Symbolic & Lifeforms rmx)

Sonic Species - Unleash The Beat (Antinomy rmx)

Astrix - Sahara

Ticon & Phanatic - Indigo

Animato vs Atmos - Ensemble (Off Limits rmx)

Symbolic & Waio - Cybre Space

2 days ago

Liquid Soul (official)

You asked for it...
Here you can find my full set from Transmission Festival 2018 on 4K HD!
Share it if you like it β™₯️ℹ️ MORE INFO πŸ‘‰ FACEBOOK πŸ‘‰ INSTAGRAM πŸ‘‰ TWITTER...
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Fucking amazing!!! For your fans it's really nice to can hear you and see you πŸ‘πŸ˜»

Hey Dude! Love the set <3 Whats that track @ 1:05:20 with the "children of planet earth" vocals in it!? I need to know πŸ™‚ <3

What a show 😍😍🀩🀩

Rob Courtney ur reward

awesome Set and what a Show β™‘β™₯β™‘

Thanks Bro... hope will see ya again..!!;)

What a set. Thanks for sharing this with us 😱😍❀

so good that it requires a disclaimer before watching!

Toli checale we

baixa pro paracas ❀️❀️ André Martins Studart

Max vu que tu l’as pas vu πŸ€ͺ

Joshua Rijnders Fabian Lieshout

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3 days ago

Liquid Soul (official)

Confirmed βœ…
I will be playing @ Dreamstate Poland.
27th of April 2019.
See you there ❀️
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Confirmed  βœ…
I will be playing @ Dreamstate Poland.
27th of April 2019.
See you there ❀️


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nice shirt

Laurie Cervasi c'est un signe

Paul Huisman !! πŸ›« πŸ˜ƒπŸ˜ƒ

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