Mind and Matter - Charts May 2018

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Mind & Matter consists of Alessandro Pintus (aka Synesthetic/Bonanza Bros); an Italian sound engineer, and Celio Costa (aka DJ Suspect); a Portuguese music producer. 


The common denominator among these guys, is undoubtedly; the tendency to play strong-fat defined grooves, which are crafted perfectly in their psychedelic journeys. Journeys that take them through a huge universe and an infinite number of possibilities and musical fusions and patterns; from the ancient Goa trance atmospheres, to the most sophisticated and futuristic sonorities. 


After two years of searching, inspiration and evolution – their début album; “Fragile Nature” is due for release this Summer, on Iono Music. “We deeply believe that music is one of the most representative integrated parts of Nature and one of the most powerful ways of healing it. We also know that Nature is fragile; each time we are not aware of its Psychedelism.”


Rem Sleep - Skyfall, Yestermorrow (Nano Records)

Inside You - Liftshift, Divination (Zero one music)

Indigo - Ticon & Phanatic - (Iboga Records)

We Are Awakening - Lifeforms, Symbolic (Iboga Records)

Computer Memory - Ital, Helber Gun (Antu Records)

Say it Louder - Atomizers, Ilai (Iono Music)

Speed Of Light - One Function (Iono Music)

Galactic Riders - Relativ, Yestermorrow (Digital Om)

El Alma - Martin Vice, ALIGN (Iboga Records)

Imaginary Fields - Yestermorrow, Mind & Matter (Iono Music)

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