“This month we are looking back to 150 issues of mushroom magazine, and also to seven and half a years in our office in Hamburg. End of April we are moving to another, smaller location”
The times of plenty are over… well, at least we still have a location. Not everyone has: “Tribal Tools Berlin is closing down. Since 2001 Chrille’s (37) shop in Prenzlauer Berg used to be the place where the latest news and scene gossip were exchanged. You could chill on the couch and listen to others testing the newest sound. Instead of running a Trance Store he now has a cleaning job, and he even wants to quit as DJ Lala. However, he doesn’t want to do without all those years.”

And this in a time of bloom and boom in the Psytrance scene! One possible reason is printed in bold letters on the title of the same issue of mushroom magazine: “Digital Music Distribution”. Ronny Krieger from Beatport says in an interview: “During the last two years the download business turned from a nice additional income into a serious source of revenue. This trend goes on.”

Nerdy and geeky as always, mushroom magazine tries to keep up with the new digital age: “Perhaps you already encountered our new mini-magazine while browsing the web these days. From now on, we use a so-called Flash Widget to inform you everywhere where there are Trance lovers around who included the mushroom news feed in their website or MySpace profile.”

Who could possibly have seen Mr. Zuckerberg turning the media landscape upside down? “Unfortunately Automatic, the sister label of Transient, has been closed down for good. Of course there will be a adequate successor! Especially, we may really look forward to the second Krüger & Coyle album.”

This was pretty much the end of the huge Progressive House wave that rolled through the scene for some years. The new label Radio With Pictures didn’t make it long, the Kruger & Coyle album was never released.