Katja & Frank, two mushroom readers from Germany tell their summer experience:
“Full of pleasant anticipation we made our way to Boom. […] When we arrived, we were informed that nobody would get in any more because tickets were sold out. We should not get angry, they already sent away people who had come an even longer way. We cannot understand this fatal organizational failure! In all the party years, this happened to us for the first time.” – Yikes.
Paradise got an overpopulation problem.

While Techno at Trance parties is still a controversial issue, Neelix isn’t: “The first thing I heard was that DJ Zosma was attacked by a visitor because he didn’t like his Progressive sound. So I was very nervous before my gig. But in the end my set worked out perfectly” – Psychedelic purists were on the rise back then, and soon no one would play Progressive House or Techno on a second floor anymore.

“[…] Even many of those DJs and labels who are well known for their rather twisted psychedelic sound now have an affinity for Techno” – Where are they now? There’s not much left of that trend, right? Well, some left the scene altogether and others went back to good, old Psytrance music. Even Progressive is Psychedelic again these days.

“Since 1st December magic mushrooms are illegal in [the Netherlands]” – In face of the current legalization developments of cannabis products all around the world we might hope that this will change again one day soon. Fingers crossed! *** About showers at festivals:
“Very strange was to see the long queues in front of the showers. Many fraggles wanted a single shower cabin and many had problems to take their showers in the public shower areas. How can Psy fraggles be so shy?”
And there they are: Those fine cracks in the well-maintained facade of a scene that is all about oneness, freedom and counter culture.

Seems like this ain’t a modern Woodstock after all.