“Pacemaker. A very funky DJ setup hits the scene: 120GB HD, internal mixer, FX, hi-resolution colour TFT and touchpad control – and everything fits into the palm of your hand. You don’t need anything else for a spontaneous DJ set!”
– Today this is the most natural thing in the world, because a everyone has a smartphone and is a potential DJ.

“Antaro leaves VooV Experience, which is now organized by his long-year companion Scotty. To mark this break in the 15-year tradition, the oldest German Psytrance Festival is now called VuuV”.
– Now it’s back to VooV, without Scotty and without Antaro.

“PsyNina is Nina K. Fox from Munich, born in 1979. In January 2008 her debut album “Sexy Secret” will be released on Psytropic Records.”
– Up to this day there are some people who doubt this is the truth. Some think the young lady was merely the public face of a ghostwriter, a producer who used her for a sexy marketing campaign.

“Mister Clean is an archetype of festival visitor who has a freshly polished bald head, is obviously a friend of Anna Bolica, and who wears dramatic sunglasses.”
– Like them or not, these guys are still around and are as typical for the Psytrance scene as patchouli and black light decoration.

“Ban of mushrooms in Holland: Many see this development as the beginning of the end of the liberal drug policy in Holland.”
– And they were quite right, because the sale of Herbal Ecstasy and mushrooms has been heavily restricted ever since.