Welcome to the best time of the year, during which we are finally freed from the grey winter time and happily cruise from festival to festival. Welcome to the world of words, in which every letter has its own short life, until it is replaced by it successor, yet is still happy to have briefly existed. Yes my dears! Welcome to the 14th Birthday of your beloved Goa Rolling Stone which was your steady companion in both good and bad times.

Reaching the fourteenth Birthday in Germany means one is finally free to officially chose ones religion. Of course we already made up our minds light years ago that this should be Trance in all its shapes and colours, and even as our beloved music morphs and mixes with various other electronic music styles, our community still remains something special to this day. This is something we can all be aware of when we venture on our more or less psychedelic sound safaris in the coming months, and behold each other on the floor with an ear to ear grin. The right locations and parties for unforgettable experiences in the coming two months can be found united in this magazine, where else. See you on the floor!

Coinciding with the 14th Birthday of our magazine we have now moved our office to the Griegstreet 52 (Hamburg), as we announced in our last edition. Make sure you make a mental note of this if you would like to visit us, or drop by for a Chai.

Mat and the mushroom team

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