In the mushroom magazine June / July 2009 you read:

– Antaris Project
– VUUV Festivak
– Waldfrieden Wonderland
– Spiritual Healing
– Pyramiduna
– Beatpatrol
– Paradise Festival
– O.Z.O.R.A.
– Reloaded
– Magical Forest
– Samsara
– Rezonance Festival
– Honu Eclipse

– Fashion Shooting

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In fact we are celebrating the 15th mushroom birthday with this issue. Who would have thought that our beloved Goa yellow press would pass quite some crisis and reach this remarkable age back in 1994, when it all began? Starting with only four pages, hand-copied and with a distribution in the area of North Germany we became an international Trance magazine. We accompanied the scene during its golden age in the late nineties but also experienced the times of massive music piracy and therefore the decline of the label landscape. We danced free our selves from social forces and discussed the sense of life at remote places. We saw several generations of Trancers coming, each one with another attitude. We witnessed evolution and innovation. I hope you also gathered so much precious experiences with our scene during the past years and found your own way of Trance.

In this issue we want to recommend you many great parties where you can celebrate our mushroom anniversary and also the 20th birthday of the global Trance community. So we decided to make this June / July issue a Festival Special. Finally we also want to announce the winners of the Producer Contest. We are very happy that more then 1500 readers contributed the voting about the very best tracks. The next issue for August / September will be published in the first half of August. Till then we wish you many magic moments – See you on the dancefloor!

Mat and the mushroom team.