In the mushroom edition May/June you read:

– Progressive Trance
– Psytrance
– Dark Psy
– Chill Out
– DJ charts

Summer Special
– Welcome to a historic summer
– Open Air Packing List
– Festival Map
– Burning Mountain Festival
– Paradise Festival
– Freqs Of Nature
– Antaris festival
– OZORA Festival
– Phoenix Festival
– Gaea Festival
– Hadra Festival
– Indian Spirit Festival
– Partyplanner with Festival Line Ups

– Prog On Syndicate
– Resistrance
– Vertigo Records

DJ Technology Special
– Protect Your DJ Gear
– Musikmesse Product News
– Native Instruments Kontrol S4 Workshop
– Stanton SCS.4DJ
– Vestax VCI-400
– Denon MC-3000
– Midifighter 3D
– Korg mini Kaosspad 2 & Kaossilator 2
– Pioneer RMX-1000
– DJing with Ableton Live
– Presonus Studio One
– DJ Meeting
– Magma DJ Bags

Fashion Special
– Hexagon
– Black Phoenyx
– Fair & Global
– Ajna
– Kantasiou
– Public Beta Wear

Visual Art
– Naoto Hattori

– Ecology in the Psytrance Scene
– Venus Passage

– Mat on Tour – Brasil
– What‘s new in Goa
– The History of a colourful Culture (written by Raja Ram)

– News
– Movie: The Substance
– Police Controls
– Dutch Shroom Legality Update

Shopguide, Party Wisdom and more…

Hi, folks !

It was 31st May 1994 when mushroom magazine saw the light of the day, still being a
baby of course: It was only a hand-copied info flyer of the „mushroom club’. Making
its rounds in the local scene, „your personal mushroom’ rapidly grew bigger and bigger,
since 1998 it was distributed throughout Germany. In 2002 mushroom gained English skills, in form of a first international edition. Today, again ten years later, we are an internationally oriented Psytrance guide. And hey: It’s our 18th birthday! Coming of age finally, we are now allowed to go partying without the permission of our mum and dad – so let’s get it on!

„Getting it on’ is also our main subject. For this summer preview edition we pulled all the stops: 128 pages. Now, even in 18 years we have seen that really seldom! Last time was 10 years ago. A huge Thank You! goes to all of our supporters who
made this possible!

Big things happening also in our headquarters. After our office slowly but constantly turned from ‘cosy’ to ‘sardine tin’, we are moving into a new one mid of June. It’s located in Holstenstraße 103 (22767 Hamburg). Also our team is growing. This month we give a warm welcome to Alexandra, who is now responsible for accounting. Right now we wish you loads of fun with 22 pages DJ technology, 10 pages Fashion Special, and 48 pages of extensive info about what is going on in the world of open air festivals.
That latter one again and again reminds us why we love the Psytrance scene so much Let the summer begin!

A sneak preview: The next edition will be out in the first half of July and will be dedicated to all the artists and labels of our scene. If you wanna be in – get in touch with us!

We wish you a marvellous start into the summer of 2012.

See you on dance floor!

Mat and the mushroom team

This edition is going to be prepared as multimedia content with
embedded video and audio. Please check by 20th of June.