The mushroom website has been offering a lot of extras for more than two years now, which exceed pure publishing of news, because as user you have access to some exclusive features. We present three features.

How you get into it and what you can do there

As the only remaining regular magazine for Psytrance culture, it is our mission to provide information globally. With a but very small team and few dineros, that’s quite difficult unfortunately, which is why right from the start our website was designed to the effect that everyone can participate. Here are three of its features: free mushroom subscription, daily changing free music downloads and free promotion

Free subscription

As subscriber you can read the recent mushroom edition on your computer. Which means automatically you have a life-long free digital mushroom subscription.


Daily changing music downloads for free

Thanks to the support of various labels and artists you can daily download another track –as a present. Moreover, for a limited time, right now we are offering the complete PsyProg album “Highly Motivated To Rock You” by the Greek artist “Open Source”.


Promotion for free

You are DJ, Live Act, deco artist, photographer or scene activist in some form? Let’s hear your sound, give us your charts, show us your visuals or tell us about your country’s Psytrance scene. So, participate, do your own texts and disseminate the Psytrance vibe into the world. And if the people out there particularly like your text, we post it as a top article. In the next editions we will delve into these and other features (e.g. Festival Map, Party Map etc) more profoundly. But until then you should really look about yourself. Simply go to, subscribe and receive your welcome present!


Festival Map

You want to be on the mushroo festival map with your festival? Just contact us!