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The new mushroom magazine spring edition (April 2016) is finally released. We think it’s probably the best mushroom we published since a long time.

For all of you who want to have a look we have great news!

The mushroom subscription (digital version) is now completely for FREE
and you can additionally download lots of music for FREE.

You only need to LOGIN or REGISTER at

We wish you a great shroom time

Here are some impressions from the mushroom spring edition 2016:
Free Psytrance – Stem Format – Psytrance future – Roberdo asks – News – DJ Charts – Laughing Buddha – WAIO – Astrix – Boom Shankar – Champa – Iovan – Naoto Hattori – StereOn R.I.P. – Festival Map – Hai in den Mai – Flow Festival – Second Horizon – Antaris – Karmakitchen – New Healing – Psy-Fi Festival – Partyplanner – Rainbow Man – The Earth is flat – Soltek Reborn