Hey Shroomies,

We’re listing out the User Content Features that are available on our website:

1. You can create DJ Charts on our website. Charts which are properly filled out, will be selected by the editors to feature in the mushroom magazine: CLick

2. You can have an easy to access artist profile: Click

3. You can report on your country’s scene here.Well written reports will be published in the Trancer’s Guide to the Galaxy magazine: Click

4. If you own a physical shop, you can use the new shop feature: Click

5.  if you are looking for advertising please drop us an email or visit our shop for options: Click

6. We no longer have the “submit an article feature”, however If you still wish to write an article, drop us an email, we are on the look-out for writers/contributors with good language skills, and who also know the in’s and outs of scene. If you are interested in contributing, please drop an email at

Thank you!

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