Neill Moore / NEO (live) - Charts April 2018

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Neill Moore is London based, born and raised, DJ and producer who is the live and production project NEO. He is signed to UK label Liquid Records and is resident for PSYMERA and promoter of the monthly London event, Psyrhythmix.

Neill has had the privilege of sharing the stage with the majority of the psytrance scenes global superstars and has played for nearly all of the UKs major regular events. Tribal Village, Illuminaughty, Shattered Barriers, Astral Circus, Tribe of Frog, Elixir of Life and older parties such as Halcyon, Liquid Connective, Global digital Masters, Progressline and many more. He has also been fortunate enough to take his live act, NEO, around the world and has played in countries such as Holland, Morocco, Switzerland and Portugal and gigs coming up in Mexico, Norway, Hungary and Turkey, along with world class UK festivals such as Nosily and Boomtown fair.

As a DJ Neill’s reputation is immaculate, drawing in a large fan base both locally and globally. With over fourteen years of mixing experience, since the days of vinyl up to the modern USB, Neill has searched high and low for the killa tracks that he mixes with pure energy and love, keeping a tight and fierce groove and telling a story to write home about.

As a producer Neill began the NEO project at the end of 2017 yet had been training for nearly a decade, applying advanced mix engineering techniques and composition from his own imagination and reference from some of the worlds greatest producers and tracks. Neill is also a fully qualified synthesis engineer, designing patches, sound banks and samples or every kind to be used in his productions or sold online though top companies such as Zenheiser.

Neill’s first release was ‘Isotopic Brain’ in collaboration with Aphid moon that hit number 4 in the Beatport chart, since then he has also remixed the likes of Liquid Soul, Lyktum, Chromatone, Spirit Architect and Xerox and Illumination. His next EP as NEO is set to be released on BMSS very soon as well as other releases on PSYMERA records, Profound and Dacru. 


Neill’s love and passion for the music shines though in his performances and he has been highly rated by some of the worlds best artists as one to watch out for in the future.


Imagine mars and Earth space - Transcend (Sacred technology)

NEO - second Earth (unreleased - coming out on PSYMERA records)

Sonic species, volcano & x-noise - future DMT (Sacred Technology)

Chromatone - Chroma Corona (NEO remix) (unreleased - coming soon on BMSS)

Outsiders vs Vertical Mode - Age of giants (unreleased)

DJantrix and Pogo - Rejoicer (Nano Records)

Faders - Flying Object (Tech Safari Records)

Artificals - Sequences (Nano records)

Relativ - The end of Time (Maharetta records)

Shiva Tree - The Source (Sacred Technology)

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Neill Moore / NEO live

"2018 marks the 22nd year Earthdance International has organized events throughout the world, bringing people together in a single moment of focused intention. The synchronized peace meditation takes place along with the United Nations’ International Day of Peace." 🙏❤️

London, 22nd September: catch a NEO (live) set of my own material, with live instruments and effects, and a Neill Moore (DJ) set to close the temple stage.
Event page:

Earthdance London
After taking a break in 2017, we are super excited to return to the The Steel Yard - London in just over 2 weeks on Sat Sept 22nd with renewed clarity, vision, energy and purpose. Earthdance London final tickets are on sale now! Advance tickets here:
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I am looking forward to NEO live 😀

see you there I guess, better be worth 25 quid NEO 😛

Hi Neill thanks for the tag but I've got something on that w/end see you Friday night can't wait

Paul Sturman you're in this clip 🙂

Smash it like you always do ! 🤗🤗

Smash it broda 👽🖖🏼

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3 days ago

Neill Moore / NEO live

Awesome line up in London this weekend. Psyrhythmix presents SINERIDER! ... See MoreSee Less

Awesome line up in London this weekend. Psyrhythmix presents SINERIDER!
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