Noiland - Charts March 2018

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Hallo My name is Kevin, i was born in Argentine but i grew up mainly in Israel and Germany. I got into Psy music early on, when it was hitting Israel and Europe Hard, after some years exploring Parties i decided to try DJ myself. Back than my DJ name was Elephant and i was a Resident Dj for the Berliner Essentia Experiment Crew for 2 Years. At the same time i started my Audio Engineering Degree in Berlin and worked for several Studios. After a 5 year Brake  from the Scene and Focusing on playing the Piano i started to Produce 2 Years ago my own Music which was Released by Spiral Trax, Ovnimoon and Power House.  Now days i live in Berlin again and i focus mainly in Producing Music. Now days i live in Berlin again and i focus mainly in Producing Music.


Pixel & Freedom Fighters - SEM is Different Hommega Records

Ace Ventura & Freedom Fighters - The Encounter LOUD Remix Hommega Records

Noiland - El Camino Spiral Trax Records

Art of Trance & Domestic & Loud - Moroccan Roll Platipus Records

Freedom Fighter & MVMB - Australiens Hommega Reords

Loud - Dustortion Iboga Records

Dekel - Magneto Homega Records

Noiland - The only way Ovnimoon Records

On3 - Skotch Hommega Records

Captain Hook - Mr Gold Iboga Records

6 months ago


Finally Finally Finally... ... See MoreSee Less

Finally Finally Finally...

6 months ago


Last days with my DIY Acoustics. Pro treatment is on its way. ... See MoreSee Less


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8 months ago


Working on a Project Lately that will finally see some light. Come and see us on the 24th-25 at Tatwerk, Berlin. 24th - 25th February Music Noiland Lighting Design Jelle Stoffels Film by Dario Spoto
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