The grand O.Z.O.R.A Festival takes place each year, in the month of August, in the town of Ozora, Dádpuszta, Fejer, Hungary. And keeping in with the tradition of each, for 2015, the festival gates will open on 1st August, although the official programs are slotted to commence a day earlier, on Monday instead of Tuesday. Therefore for the first time ever, the festival will run for an entire week.

The party will start on Saturday afternoon at PUMPUI, and the goa-trance legend GOA GIL, will kick off the festival with one of his famed 24-long sets which will commence in 9 p.m. in the Chill Dome on August 1st, 2015. And as a special prelude, his long-time partner in life and music, Ariane will be prep the trancers for the first night ahead with her solo project, NIMBA at sunset.

The line-up for 2014 was electric, but the coming line-up is even bigger, check the pic below.

The tickets will be available from 6th December, 2014 on the brand-new O.Z.O.R.A website.

Check the Facebook link for ticket prices and all the extended infos in the event: https://www.facebook.com/events/348501021941903/


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