Oberon is a project by Stathis T. born in Corfu in 1964.
Started getting involved with professional music in the 1980’s,
when he studied sound engineering and worked in several studios and live concerts.
Same time, he got into djing, playing new and dark wave music
and mixing it with more experimental sounds.
After a magic trip to Goa in 1991 he started playing psychedelic trance and in 1995
he was organizing indoors and outdoors events under the name Uforica and Space Alchemy.
In 2007 he started producing his own sounds, mixing his Goa/old school influences
with fresh psytrance elements and modern production.
Since December 2009 he has been playing for Neurotrance records (http://neurotrance.org/)
and in February 2012 he established Space Alchemy Lab (http://spacealchemy.net/)
a free music netlabel, together with dj Sunborn.
Same time was invited to participate Purple Hexagon records (www.purplehexagon.com)
as producer and official mastering engineer of the label,
while keeping mastering and doing cover artwork for several artists too.

Your life-story and relationship with your work

Tell us a little about you and your work:
i like to keep a low profile way and just express my feelings and thoughts only via the music i produce. My sound i try to be varieted and not in a specific style, some sounds more good on morning some others at night. This happens not by purpose, just comes. At least psytrance is a bunch of feelings isn’t it?

Currently what projects are you working on? And what future plans have you chalked out for yourself?:
I pass some lazy times, where some research, some recordings, some very old tunes i grow up with, some mastering work and some graphic designs are rounding on my desk often, but not really focusing this moment on a spceific plan. Later on in winter we plan to release v/a-Human Transformation vol3 at Space Alchemy Lab, plus a new EP for spring/summer 2015, plus 2-3 tracks that in the road for relasing in various labels v/a’s.

What influenced you to get into your field?:
As my bio says, a trip to Goa back in early 90’s, changed my view about this “techno shit” (lol)

As an artist, what role do you think you play in society?:
I don’t really like to have a specific role. I like to have a simple life with my family and friends i love and express my feelings to people with my music and giving happiness to the crowd when i play

You obviously love what you do…but what do you love the most about your work?:
Motivation for create something that bringing good time and happiness to the people who listen.

Creating on a regular basis can be a bloody tough job, so what motivates you to press yourself into the workstation every single day?:
I am not this kind of guy, i will open my studio only when i have specific idea of very good mood to do that, everyday’s chains is not my cup of tea 🙂

Share your experiences and your characteristics/personality

Name a few of your all time favourite tracks. (From other artists if you are producer).:
Pink Floyd – Set the controls for the heart of the Sun King Crimson – Moonchild Blue Oyster Cult – The Veterans of Psychic Wars Bauhaus – Slice of Life …. and from psy scene: Hallucinogen – Angelic Particles (Buckminster Fullerine Mix) Pixel – Happy Lepsia C.O.P – Alien Nation Aerodance – Kayo Dream rmx Etnica – Vimana (Dickster rmx) X-Dream – Create your own Happiness

There’s a book on the shelf. It’s your autobiography. What does the title say?:
“The Fool on the Hill”

Flash-forward in time. You are now really old. What would you tell your children/loved ones?:
Be yourself, don’t do to others what you don’t like others do to yourself, share love no matter if sometimes you didn’t get it back.

Into the time machine again. What do you miss about being a kid?:
The inocence and the carelessness

Your hobbies and other fun questions

Excessive chopping dulls the axe. Time-outs are a must. What do you do when you take time off from creating? Got any hobbies?:
i often like to paint

With all the X-men and heroes running around. Us mortals would like some powers too. What one superpower would you choose?:
disorting space and time to fix bad things happened or chanige the histtory rue

The genie comes out of the lamp and grants you one wish that will change the world. What would you wish for?:
Easy living and happiness for all!

Your relationship with psychedelics

Creativity and psychedelics work together. Do you agree? Why/Why not?:
As even my cat knows that psychedelics enforces creativity, yes, but are not total necessary to be creative

Any work/pieces that were inspired by entheogens?:
a lot

Are you pro-weed culture? Why do you think the majority of the population goes against the green?:
Weed must be free. Period !