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OKiN SHAH is living near Stuttgart in Germany and making music as a DJ and LiveAct for DELICATEK Records. He started DJing in 2000, at this time still with turntables. In 2005, after trying out different music genres, he specialized himself to Goa Music in the broadest sense. In 2007, he changed his method of DJing and began to work with CD Players.

In the same year he started to produce his own music as only playing other people’s music was not sufficient for him. So he created a LiveSet with Hardware (KORG Electribe machines and KAOSS PAD), what is a quite complex live performance and nice to watch. In summer 2011, he started to produce his tracks with Ableton. You are welcome to check out some tracks on soundcloud. He already had several releases and the next publication will be the compilation Black Forest Spirit vol.5 by south German label GALAMA Records.

Until now, OKiN SHAH played at numerous events
in whole Germany, but also other countries like France, Italy, Spain and Switzerland, besides a lot of well known artists like Talamasca, Astrix, Neelix, Ace Ventura, Symphonix, Sesto Sento, Vini Vici, Kularis, Atma, Morten Granau, Gonzi, Psykovsky, Hatikwa, Atmos, Captain Hook, Kabayun, Mind Oscillation, Kashyyy and many others thus he has a lot of experience in making the people dancing to the beat all night.
Also for his DJ sets he is not just pushing the play button but upgrades his sets and the chosen tracks with psychedelic effects by using his KAOSS Pad.

Feel free to contact DELICATEK Records for bookings.


ZEN MECHANICS & FUTURE FREQUENCY - Naked Stoned & exhaulted (Symbolic & Audiotec Remix) (Sourcecode Transmissions)

Marshmalien - Alien Tech V2.0 (Powerhouse Records)

Daniel Lesden - Arrival (Digital Om)

Moaiact - Free Keak (Solar Tech Records)

Ekahal - My mind (GOA Records)

Blastoyz & Skazi feat. Soul J - Rise (Yellow Sunshine Explosion)

Sabedoria - Dailymotion (Hi-Trip Records)

Yestermorrow - Quantum Hologram (Sourcecode Transmissions)

Elegy & Vuchur - Patterns (Spiral Trax)

Ritmo - The war against the machines (SUNTREE Remix) (Yellow Sunshine Explosion)

2 days ago

Okin Shah

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Parties with DJ or Live Set by Okin ShahImage attachment

3 weeks ago

Okin Shah

07/09/18 FreeRave @ Universum, Stuttgart (GER)

Dj Set by Okin Shah

Video by Alex
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Super music

4 weeks ago

Okin Shah

02/06/18 Summer Visions Open Air, Freudenstadt (GER)

Okin Shah Dj Set with KaossPad

Video by Chanii
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Der beste Dj ever....

Yahel - Intelligent Life

Marc Who-else

Okin Shah Gibt's den Mix zum runterladen 🤩

Sehr sehr nice! *Psytrance*

Sehr geil 👌

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