One Foot Groove

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One Foot Groove Records started by devoted fans of South Africa’s trance style. Mia Martens, Nick Myburgh and Dylan Reeves began in may of 2006 with the Debutalbum ‘Deep in the Bushes’ by Noise Anomalie, not just to support the local scene and the music they are addicted with. The labels name popped up in their mind as they were joking around on parties seeing the people dancing, ‘They tend to favour one foot hence, one foot groove!’. It was agreed that the new label’s driving motivation would be the principles of professionalism, honesty and trust. After problems with old distribution in Greece, they started to work with Saikosounds in Honk Kong seems to have the certain level of sobriety to the game.

Dylan is based in Stellenbosch, Mia and Nick in Sommerset West and their start up shall be the attempt to promote and produce music of those artists that were not yet in the spotlight, thereby enriching the scope of music in the industry. ‘We always wanted to do our own label for the love of psytrance and will continue to bring out good music to help the industry grow’. They all finished their education in different fields like Marketing, Business- and Communications Management, Theatre Arts and Acting as well as majoring in Clarinet and Music Technology.

A mixture should also help to grow this baby in economic as well as in artistic manners.

Just dropped in the shops the first compilation ‘Analogue’ showing their idea of psytrance, next releases are in the pipe and the second Noise Anomalie album is also almost finished. ‘Stop trying to be cool and just be sexy’, a lable’s slogan many of the people in our scene should be more serious with as there are way too many trying to act cool.. Let’s be sexy!