Otezuka - Charts March 2018

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Inspired from an early age through music, Remy Otezuka began as a radio dj.
Meanwhile, he distills the various styles of electronic music in various bars and clubs … It was in London that he discovered the music that inspires him, since 1999 “Progressive Trance” and Remy made his mark in the underground scene.
Back in France since 2005, he started an organization, in creating StereOrganic. It organizes organic dance events “Progmatic, Psychedelight” & invites various local and international artists from Techno, Minimal, Progressive & Psytrance community.
Remy is also open to the world & made ​​you dance at various festivals: Univers Paralello (Brazil), Fusion & Wonderland (Allemagne), O.Z.O.R.A. (Hongrie), Freedom (Portugal), Timegate (Suisse) Transahara (Maroc), Hadra, Electro Leo, Psychedelight, Freaks Machine (France), etc…
The Otezuka style varies on the crowd and time of passage between fat groovy Prog Trance & Psytrance. Let yourself be carried by its galloping…


Symbolic - Evolution (Original Mix)

Cosma, Silent Sphere - Moving (Ritmo Remix)

Maitika - Cross the Border (Original)

Sonic Sense - Vishnu (Original Mix)

Altruism - Colours (James West Remix)

Avalon, E-Clip - Isotonic Tuning (Original Mix)

Capital Monkey - Jungle Office (Original Mix)

Waveform - Who We Are (Original Mix)

Zen Mechanics, Symbolic - Portals of Perception (Original Mix)

Ace Ventura, Ryanosaurus - Still Searching (Original Mix)

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