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OZORA 2017 – Impressions, Videos & Photos

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by Tom Rom

Ozora 2017 is over and fraggles are on their way home or recovering from one of the greatest events ever in the history of Psytrance in the last 25 years. I have been to Ozora the first time in 1999. In more than 10 Ozoras, I have been to since then, it was surely the most impressive and the most advanced and the biggest ever – reaching the size of Fusion Festival or double size of Boom, as it seemed.

So many new things, so much empowerment, so much dedication to the global tribe, so much engaging in new lifestyles and intellectual efforts for new societies, so much feeling and gathering of all the global tribes in our scene. New restaurants, the Artiban expanded, the Chambok House advanced, new buildings, new ideas and new inputs from so many people in the world. Psytrance is bigger than it has ever been before. 2017 was absolutely mind-blowing and this is also a big merit of the Ozora crew. The Ozora crew did a really great job but the growing of the size of the festival was somehow underestimated, as many people perceived it. The main floor was a new experiment – no UV lights – just a psychedelic ceiling of LEDs, that has never done before.

Provisioning the ever-growing audience

Yet, many people, who have been to several Ozoras, are asking why the limitation to 30.000 or 35.000 people was not accomplished. I heard people talking, comparing Ozora 2017 with the years before, and they spoke about between 50.000 and 70.000 people, according to their experience. Only the organizers know the real number. What was the real number of people there? The infrastructure of restaurants and showers was not enough to serve so many people as needed, especially with temperatures around 35-40 degrees. It could have been a great advance to install 50 or 100 showers and sprinklers around the main floor – regarding the influence of climate change. The fire brigade did a great job, but it was not enough with such extreme temperatures, we have experienced this year – and the years before.

The forbidden pond

And what was the story with the lake? The Ozorian Prophet wrote that the permission had not been granted before the festival. That was in contradiction to the signs of „nature reserve“ at the lake. Is the lake big enough for so many people? Many doubted. They said, even if the lake were opened, it’s ok for 1,000 people. What was the rubber boat running around the lake all the time? I tried to ask, but nobody could give me a proper answer, the securities rejected everyone approaching the lake, even if I asked to get an answer to my questions. The Ozorian Prophet should have given an answer and not only recipies and information about the acts playing!

Invest in the future!

The Ozora app didn’t work because the wifi was not strong enough for this big area and the mobile connection didn’t really work and was too slowly for most providers. The downloads of the Ozorian Prohpet didn’t work to get the newest information which is essential to transmit the newest news. There is a big job to be done for the organizers in the coming years. Ozora reached a size that infrastructure cannot meet the needs of such a big crowd. On is sure: The investments in Ozora for the coming years will be in the millions to meet the people’s needs – and if they do, Ozora will be able to set the seeds of a new era not only for festivals but also for new forms of alternative lifestyles in history!
(This review was written according to my experience this year after many interviews. The organizers and media folks were not available on Monday evening though many attempts).

Some more videos

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OZORA 2017 Image Gallery

Ozora Festival on Facebook

Hey lovely people!
We’re soon leaving this year behind and we are very excited about the newest loveful spacey smiley amazing adventures ahead of us in the next one.
OZORA Festival 2018

Our new website is out and running, dive in! Check out the programs and lineups, and keep tuned for the updates and surprises still on the way.

Until we’re there together on the dancefloor again, here’s something to tease you into the festive mood from the visionary visual masters of the Global Illumination crew.
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Ozora 2018 ChakRock&Roll


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Week or 10 days are not enough in Ozora 😞 it should be 1 month 👽

Wow! What a movie 😍 open chakras at ozora festival 💜💜💜

Hello, I would like to know when I can buy the pre sale?

Great , pls what’s The song ?

Nikolovsky Ley We will help them to open it! Hare Krishna

Theme and lineup looking mad so far!! Shehan Noel

Cool movie, reminded me of a couple good dmt-trips.

Mostafa El-shamy Get ready mate we won’t missed up it this year ❤️ I S A

Alana Dell this is happening.

Tom Guyonnet j'espère que tu seras rentré

Axe Bacca roba tua il video?

Marvin Collet 8monate noch schlafen😂


And Liquid sould?

Xenia Poluschkin die farbe säh hammer an dir aus 😍

Track name :3



Omg ce tare merg prin toate chakrele Bianca Blidar Adria Nicole Papuc

Killian Paugam your training

Baah baaah az ragee gardan nazdiktaaar Manoochehr Mesgarani Pooya Noori

Frank Bailey you coming?

Davina Bieniek 👽🌈✨💗♋️🕉♑️🌟

Julia Karina Alex Oliver

So Dgdo Mailou Dbs Hannah Rebekah Molnar Océ Océ

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4 days ago

Ozora Festival official

photo: Gergely Somogyi Photography ... See MoreSee Less

photo: Gergely Somogyi Photography


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236 days to go to the Ozorian New Year.... can't wait ;)

Suélen Lopes abre a venda no dia do meu niver nao tem como esquecer! hahahaha

Can't forget this amazing energy................

I wanna go back already!!!! It's to cold and snowy here!!!

Mdr on dirait que tout va bien sur ce genre de tof Mo Leone

Jamatt Chauveau ca a vraiment l air genial

sweet memories

Esteban Rt Please join next year <3

Ele Menny Henri Benegni can you see granny?

Olivér Bába 😍😍😍😍😍😍🙏🏻

Julie Kevin Harry Tara

Mia Yip ❤️

Sean David Joshua Siegesmund😍

Mirnes Omerovic Philipp Plank Rainer Haag 🤩

Tamara van der Mast 2018

Thomas Polixene!


Goran Atanasov


Hadrien Elling

Roxane Ruvel

Raj Eesh

Salvatore Manzella

Adam Dedarknes

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Dear Ozorian Family,

We are blessed to announce that our new Website is up and running & the Lineup is available for our upcoming gathering in 2018!

Ticket sales will start on 12th February with the same limited number of 25.000 pre-sale weekly tickets and 5.000 additional weekly tickets at the gates.

We are also proud to inform you about the debut of Ambyss, our newest stage that will open and run on a trial period in 2018, so that in the following years it can embrace Ozorians looking for a beatless, timeless, ambient atmosphere.

Enjoy our latest heartfelt theme and stay tuned for upcoming updates!

... See MoreSee Less

Dear Ozorian Family,
We are blessed to announce that our new Website is up and running & the Lineup is available for our upcoming gathering in 2018! 

Ticket sales will start on 12th February with the same limited number of 25.000 pre-sale weekly tickets and 5.000 additional weekly tickets at the gates.
We are also proud to inform you about the debut of Ambyss, our newest stage that will open and run on a trial period in 2018, so that in the following years it can embrace Ozorians looking for a beatless, timeless, ambient atmosphere.
Enjoy our latest heartfelt theme and stay tuned for upcoming updates!



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"limited" 😂😂😂 just like last year, i'm literally dying 🤣🤣🤣

I Love ozora but this year were too much people there, and it was not limited ^^ we waited to take a shower longer than 90 minutes. But I love the festival and I will come every year

I'm sorry Ozora Festival official your festival is not as wonderful as it has been, so many more people are complaining about the lack of facilities and the 40k+ people that were there this year it was not the ozora we once loved its sad but true. Cueing for nearly an hour to shower and go for a pee and to get water especially when it's 40 degrees and your thirsty!

Wtf,another chill Out Floor?!was my first time beeing at ozora this year and i Just don't understand why There is Just one "real" Dancefloor For that much people.instead of opening Something Like an Groove or dark Floor,No!more space for non dancers!Just don't get it,ozora is one of The biggest Festivals in The world and has Just the pumpui Stage for Techno Heads,and The Main for everyone,why Not Split it Up?

No no limits, we'll reach for the sky! No valley to deep, no maintain to high No no limits, won't give up the fight We do what we want and we do it with pride. -in ozora the word "limit" does nt exist-🐏

I've been to ozora for 6 years in a row now and i frekking love it there, but there is no way you can prove to me that there was a limited number of tickets cause it was just as busy as any other year...

Really hard to believe that, looked like far more than 35.000...and there definately weren't enough showers, toilets and water taps with drinking water...and if the weather is as sunny and hot like this year in the future you really should try to supply more protection against the sun, maybe some domes made of fabric?

Last year there were like 50k people at least. I have even met some people who told me they got fake wristbands for a lot less money or managed to get on the festival ground with no ticket at all

Friends, in the next year I ask, will do something with the local guys who fall into the area of ​​the festival without bracelets. Because they spoil atmosphere, even on the dance floor they behave impudently and disrespectfully to others.

Please bring in an effective system in checking for fake wristbands etc... There were more than 40 000 people there last year. Such a fantastic festival, but no space or facilities for more than 30 000 tops

If it is true that there was 25000 tickets sold + 5000, then the new limit must be considerably lower. Simple as that.

Does anyone have info on how someone from the US can purchase a ticket when they go on sale? What's the process behind it?

Arrived before day 1 and last year there were more people there already than by mid week in previous years!!

i am literally not coming next year because this year there have been WAY too many people at the festival.

I remember that Ozora when you communicated after we were around 30k ppl and it was not such crowded. I saw on the first moment after entered that there were at least double of this amount. Btw if you wanted to control the amount of ppl why did you need to use old wristbands? I mean if I know I will let 30k ppl to enter I would produce 30k wristbands. Not more and not less. +1: do you again intend to give receipt about 405 HUF when I buy tickets for 405 EUR?

Ozora please bring back Mad Tribe this year again on the mainstage !! Last year was just ... MAD !!!!

WHAT .. give us a statement about last year .. and the limited tickets .. what’s about the 60.999 people on the festival ground ...??? I know people they’re get there bands at friday .. 5 days away from the opening day.. don’t believe this message .. they sold until the last day.. believe me ..

Can i go on half price if i have a Balaton Sound wristband?

When with 40degrees you wait in the sun 15min to get water to keep yourself wet, it shows the respect you have for people that pay to go...thanks god is not free!!! Same speech as last year.....the only limitation this year is the one's that go to boom, and the ones that won't !! I just have one question, is the lake this year swimmable? or is this year that people that get hurt dont have to pay anymore for medical treatment? (bandages, gauze & sponges ) etc etc

the same limited number of tickets 😂😂😂 made my day 😂

limited 😂😂😂😂... Ozora Festival official ...you really think that people are stupid, hm ????


See you on the dance floor everyone! 👽

Thanks & big up! fantastic line-up, proud & happy being part of it!

Yippiiiyayyoo!! Best gift from Télapóóó! :) Thank you Ozora Festival official ! We LOVE YOU guys!! <3

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