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Crazy Stuff: Artist creates self-portraits on Different Drugs

Bacon and Eggs, Marconi and Cheese, Eccentricity and Artists…speaking of which, a certain Bryan Lewis Saunders decided to test the limit of his endurance by ingesting a range of different drugs consequently for days on end, until he either ran …

Not satisfied with smoking for the GNP ? – Invest in Shit!

For those for whom smoking to enlarge the GNP is not enough now there’s more, you can actually invest in shit! Now isn’t that special? The old US smoke journal High Times – recently celebrating its 40th anniversary – has …

Psychedelic Mushrooms In Mexico

Another mini-documentary investigating psilocybin mushrooms in Mexico….and there’s some pondering over Terrence McKenna’s ‘Stoned Ape’ theory to be had as well…and some singing…hmmm

Hempy’s Headshop Regensburg

Hempy‘s Shop Stefan Brandner, Anna Brandner Wahlenstraße 7 93047 Regensburg fon: 0941 58 41 091 fax: 0941 58 41 092 EMail: Hier seid Ihr richtig – wenn Ihr Qualität zum fairen Preis wollt! Dazu gibt es noch Beratung …

Dual Effect

Fun and passion in music are fuelling Lars Meyer’s appreciation of music production. The more versatile sound as well as more freedom while producing guided him towards Psytrance. The comforting feeling at the deck pushed by partying people shape both …


His artist name means “cobalt blue”. However, his pictures are extremely intricate arrangements of all colours of the rainbow. Meet our cover artist. What‘s your background? Any Psytrance­ connection at all? Today I like the Berlin Deep House scene, but …

Cellotager and the mandibles

In one sleepless night the Cellotager could not go to sleep in his comfy thatched hut. He turned and turned and decided to smoke his „magic“ cigarette in order to go to sleep. And while he was smoking he switched …

New Poll: Which cover do you prefer?

Hey Shroomies, We have a new “Which cover do you prefer?” poll, we have two options and we can want you to decide! 🙂 The poll is to be found on the right hand side of this page—–>

PLUR Festival 2017 ”The Fifth Element Exploration”

2017-08-18 22:00 • Thermo-Kato Dosoula-Kareli / Greece (Festival)

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