PHASE1 - Charts March 2019

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Style: Twilight, Dark Psytrance, Forest, Night Psy, Progressive Psytrance

“Everyone knows what a DJ can do and a live act can’t: A DJ creates a spontaneous collage of her / his favourite music and is able to react to the atmosphere on the dance floor in real-time.
DJs are extremely valuable for a good booking, just to keep up the flow of a dance floor”


I’ve played at various parties and venues around Europe such as: 

Global Warming (Oslo, NO), Fullon @ Skansen (Oslo, NO), Kolbøttefabrikken outdoor party (Amager, DK), Fullon Fight Night @ Tuben (CPH, DK), Vica Versa @ O´Mallys (Galten, DK), Hard Addicted @ Mirage (Vojens, DK) Techno Night @ Mirage (Vojens, DK), Nelly´s (Fredericia, DK), Dj Night @ HvaBeHarBar (Aabenraa, DK), Totaltramp @ Vip Club (Bylderup Bov, DK), Twisted @ Tower (Flensburg DE)

Besides playing at around 500 private parties for the past 20 years.

I am the co-founder of the Psychedelic Vikings Parties and the very succesful events @ Tuben in Copenhagen called Fullon Fight Night.

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“PHASE1 has been into all kinds of electronic music from an early age.

He learned to mix at age 13 when he played at the local youthclub for a few years. He later on bought a pair of turntables and a mixer and continued to develop his skills on vinyl and later on CDJ´s.
From the age of 15 he startet playing outside his bedroom.
He discovered the psychedelic scene in 2005 and found that it touched him like no other music. 
Since 2005 his favorite music style has been Fullon and Dark Psytrance.
You are guaranteed to dance when PHASE1 is behind the decks”

●●ρєα¢є Łø۷ Unity яєѕρє¢т & Music!●●

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Yoake - Ex-Po Zen

Aesis Alien - Overload (Serenity Flux Remix)

Divination - Chai Chi

PehrBerg - Predator

Bezonance - Oblivion

Dual Vision - Time After Time

One Function - Daydream

Mechanimal - Serenity

Mystic - Chemical Signal

Quazax - State of Mind (Original Mix)