Pill with the same effects as magic mushrooms?



I want to trip with a lot of visuals, but the taste of mushrooms is really bad. Is there something like a pill that has the similar effects but not the same taste?


The taste of mushrooms is indeed nasty! However, there are a few things I can recommend:

1) Have you tried making a tea out of them? Let the shrooms simmer in boiling water for about 20 minutes and add your tea of choice (a fruity flavour helps to mask the mushroom taste). You could even add honey. And drink it all up quickly, of course.  

2) Truffles are not as strong in taste as the Psilocybin mushrooms, so this might be an option too. Again, you could make a tea out of them. 

3) There are pills available for tripping: Trip-E and Utopia, but the active ingredients are not mushrooms. Hawaiian baby woodrose seeds and morning glory seeds are the main ingredients. For some people, the effects are very similar to mushrooms, others experience a fairly different kind of trip (stronger bodily effects, a longer trip, either more or less visual, …). 

One comment

  • O-Acetylpsilocin (also known as psilacetin, 4-acetoxy-DMT, or 4-AcO-DMT) is a synthetically produced psychoactive drug and has been suggested by David Nichols to be a potentially useful alternative to psilocybin for pharmacological studies, as they are both believed to be prodrugs of psilocin.