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He‘s one of the likeable guys of our scene, as internationally remixed as only trance people can be. For some months now working as an editor for mushroom magazine, his true passion is music and he has found his way in producing fast. His first album is ready to be released in July.

Please tell us something about you and your way.
I’m 32 years old. I’m born in Ecuador and lived in Chile and the Netherlands before coming to Hamburg 6 years ago. Music has always been a part of my life, but my fascination with trance started in Ibiza’s early outdoor days. I make music because I believe it is the best way to communicate without the boundaries language imposes.

In a really short period of time you have made massive steps in your production quality. How did you manage this?
“Homage to RA Moog” was a break through for me – every detail was in my head right from the start, all that was left to do was get it into the sequencer. It has become increasingly important for me to work to my own standards. I produce to express something in my being and with time I’ve learned to trust that. On the technical side I think production and arranging are things one gets better at with experience.

What kind of gear do you work with, your equipment, your software?
I work with Cubase, Ableton, Melodyne, analogue synths and crucially monitors I know and trust. I realised it’s essential to be able to make sounds quickly and focus on inspiration and flow, not technicalities. It’s possible to write music that touches people on a laptop and headphones, the most important factor is from what space it comes.

Your first album is done, it‘s fast and enters fullon speeds, how do you feel with yourself and your album now?
I never know where music will take me so I end up making everything from classical to full on. I don’t believe in musicians as true originators of their art, I believe musicians are expressing something beyond them, and when inspiration strikes I try to forget myself asap.

You can listen to your first tracks on Avatar, Wakyo, Midijum, Y.S.E./Millennium, and Synergetic. Where will your album be released?
I’m glad to say “Movements Of Consciousness” will be released in July on Y.S.E./Millennium. Alex is a smart guy and runs his business in a way I can relate to, I think we’re both obsessive workaholics 😉

Your contacts in the festival scene are good, you are stage manager at several festivals. Where will you play live this summer?
I will be playing live acts at Fusion, Tshitraka, Solstice in Amsterdam and Spiritual Healing. Organisers interested in “Movements of Consciousness” live feel free to get in touch.