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seroxat is a psytrance artist from israel , the project started at the early 2000 and have been released one solo album and many tracks in labels such as crystal matrix ,noize conspiracy , timecode , and yabai records.
in 2007 seroxat music have took a huge step in sound producion and reached a new level in melodic vocal singing with the new singer vanessa .

Who are you? Single person or project? Where did you come from? Where is your base yet? Year of birth? Tell us a bit about your background, your regular profession and your way up to here?

we are ofer d.maoz and vanessa julian from israel.

Tell us about your new stuff and why people shouldn’t miss it? Did you think it is something different, or would you think it should be named in a row with others? How would you define your style of music?

we currntly working on a new material for a brand new album . people shuldn’t miss out our new stuff because its realy new and unique for the trance scene and for sure we doing something that never done before.

trance music that influenced alot from metal , classical music and pop .

combining vocals, opera and guitars .

Did you think copying kills music – or did file sharing makes the artist famous? What has been you experience with p2p and track-swapping?

i think that file sharing realy make a big expose to the artists, but the big disappointment is that pepole dont realy hear the hard work and the sound quality wev’e been working on beacuse they hear very low mp3 quality.

Where do you see yourself in 5/10/20 years? Where do you see our scene in the future?

i see my self as a developed musician creating more styles of music.
allready working on an ambient side project ‘minor turbulence’.

the scene in the future will grow around the world and will become more
mainstream.the music will be more melodic and with alot of influences from other styles of music.

Your definition of luck & satisfaction? Maybe anything to tell about ‘sex, drugs and rock’n’roll’?

nothing but sex and rock and roll.

Your favorite musicians? Some beside trance? Please name some artists that really take you higher …

dream theater realy takes me higher.

Where could our readers see/hear you in the next time? Any special events worth to mention here?

we will play at the full moon festival in germany at the 27 of jule,

and at the freedom festival in portugal at the 16 of august.

Anything you would like to tell the world?

there is no such thing a normal person , every individual is normal in its own way , you must go after your passion ,ideas and dreams be strong and fulfill your goal.

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