son_kite_prismaSon Kite legen nach 10 Jahren ihr neues Album Prima vor. Intelligent, jazzig, deep und psychedelisch wie es nur sein kann ***

Quite-K – Approach ist düsterer Break Beat und großraumtauglicher Tech Trance *** Phasenverschiebungen – All Is One klingt untenrum wunderbar roh und exzessiv, obenrum hochgradig halluzinogen *** Wenn du die härtere, verpeiltere Gangart von

Offbeat-Prog bevorzugst, gib dir mal Mondero – Blue Townie *** V.A. – Catharsis ist eine hörenswerte und kostenfreie Dark Prog Compilation, verfügbar auf

catharsisSon Kite – Prisma (Iboga Records): When it comes to deep, hypnotic music for modern trance dance rituals – this is it. Son Kite present their first album since 10 years. It’s intelligent, it’s jazzy, it’s psychedelic in the most sublime sense of this word, it’s reminiscent of their amazing work as Minilogue, yet really different. There’ll be even a hand-signed vinyl version.

Quite-K – Approach (Horns & Hoofs Entertainment): Delirious sounds, huge spaces, acidic filter modulations, techy rhythms and alien vibes. Quite-K delivers a cinematic album that ranges from dark Break Beat collages to pumping Tech Trance bangers.
Krunch vs. Osher – Silky Smooth (IONO Music): Rolling bass line, subtle rhythms instead of prominent melodies, smooth but banging.

Phasenverschiebungen – All Is One (Zenon Records): Made to be played on a big sound system with few lights around. Heavyweight beats and basses with a wonderfully raw and excessive edge, techy rhythm shuffles, hallucinogenic samples from the Dark side.

son_kite_prismaInception – Two and a Half Freak (Blue Tunes Records): Blue Tunes sound as we know it and love it. Playful and uplifting, vocal samples and big emotions, produced and mastered with deadly precision.

Mondero – Blue Townie (Audioload Music): 3 tracks from the hard, fairly psychedelic side of offbeat Progressive Trance. Sounds like it will work pretty well during the prime time hours.

V.A. – Catharsis (Glitchy Tonic Records): A free net-release that comes with 9 tracks from the Dark Progressive genre. Minimalist, yet very functional – some nice underground stuff in here. Available via

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