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28.08. – 01.09.2019 / Netherlands

“It’s all in the details now”

There’s really only one downside if you organize one of the most popular festivals of the European summer:
You’re facing very high expectations, from your visitors and from your own team. Psy-Fi is a perfect example for this scenario. We had a chat with co-organizer Rob.

Exactly how do you measure the satisfaction of your audience? Obviously it’s a good sign to see huge smiles on a packed dancefloor. But that’s just a snapshot and not fully representative. For instance, Social Media feedback can differ greatly from those nice dancefloor shots…

Many times a year we come together as a team and discuss all the things that went well and all the things that need improvement. We read all the emails and Facebook comments of our visitors and listen to what is important to them. That way we keep adjusting the festival to meet their needs as good as we can. This is now our 7th edition and we do feel that we are getting stronger as a team and that the festival improves by that every year. We also believe that we are never done learning and never done improving, there is no such thing as a perfect festival, but we try to get as close as possible.

Exactly how close did you get this year?

I can truly say that our program for this year is the best we ever had. Musically the line-up is very well balanced on all stages and personally I think it is the best line-up we’ve ever had. Art-wise, the same: More, better quality, new teams and super interesting visual eye candy everywhere. The spiritual program on our sacred island got a good upgrade since last year, we clearly noticed a big growth of the audience. That resulted in bigger lecture and workshop spaces and an even better program. As for sound quality, we also have an upgrade using the latest technology. It’s all in the details now.

Psy-Fi has seen a stellar rise in popularity, on all 5 continents. It’s fair to say that it reached to upper league of the European festival season. Nonetheless you keep your festival at a relatively small scale. Why?

We never strived to be the biggest festival and attract as many visitors as possible. Instead, we think that quality is way more important than quantity. That is one of the reasons why we have limited ticket sales to 13.000. We try to offer a program that is as complete as possible varying from a great musical line-up to an extended spiritual program to a broad spectrum of visual arts.

Last question: For many people the Netherlands are synonymous with a very liberal drug policy. Any comments on that?

Well, we do have quite a friendly government who welcomes our visitors and lifestyle with open arms into their community, and that is a good feeling. I do think there is a common misunderstanding that people have about the Netherlands and its drug policy. It is liberal, yes, but not everything is allowed, of course, just like in most other countries.

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7 days ago


These wonderful images were shot by
@femme von steel and
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Great pictures!!!

it was very very beautiful 😍😍


Hope so that thee is a new psy-fi festival next year in Holland 🥰 it is so a special week 💚 ons big family. I do this now for 3 tears with my daughters I hope much more 🥰

Thanks for the pictures, miss the place ❤ Hanna Tabak

I want to go back and never leave ❤️

Jullie moeten volgend jaar weer terug komen op de Groene Ster. Dit is toch te mooi!!!!



Looks unreal. Going to be there next year❤

Madelon Yé

please come back......

The Wonderous World of Psy-fi 😍🤩🤤 Marit Mulder Jordi Drenth Deniz Koerts

Marcel Liemant this was the art at psyfi!!!

it was unbelievable

Erna Ekels


Ángel Sánchez Christian Gallego Moataz M't Víctor Muma

Arik Shlomai Yuval Avraham John Naiderman Aviv Steiner

Ron Bakker volgend jaar zijn wij er ook bij toch?! 🥰

Thomas Voorn 😍

Sandra ShantīOm😍😍😍😍 woasch wia i mi schu freu auf des

gvd heimwee Niels Klaver

2 weeks ago



Leeuwarden Loves You, We'll Miss You, One Love.

Spread the Love.
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You’ve radically transformed my life, Psy-Fi. I promise I’ll take our “one love” to the whole world. Forever in my heart. In deep gratitude 💙✨🐾

The best festival thanks you respect 🙏

Why was it last time, on this awesome location?



Gal Meller Gal Peleg Yeayyyy ❤️❤️🍄🍄



Antonio Sena olha isso mano olha esse festival

Zo jammer dit, het was weer geweldig om zoveel lieve mensen te ontmoeten die zo respectvol met elkaar omgaan. Psy-fy moet blijven.

Moet mooi in leeuwarden blijven

One love

Ben er niet geweest maar dit moeten we behouden potverdrie Leeuwarden!!!!

Shurandy Chan Jong Chu you guys are in this video

Psy-fi hoort bij Leeuwarden en MOET gewoon blijven!! ❤️ Het was weer top dit jaar!

Waarom verdwijnt psy-fi eigenlijk uit Leeuwarden?

Ha Gen ich glaub das wars mit psyfi

Wiesje Dijkstra, je bent in beeld.

Vicky Bossert

Ender MBind at .40 sec

3 weeks ago


This was Psy-Fi 2019!
A very big thank you goes out to all of our beautiful visitors without whom this would have never been possible. Thank you so much for being you <3

With a smile and a tear we say goodbye to the venue that we’ve proudly called the Psy-Fi land for the past 6 years. We hope you’ve felt as much at home here as we did and we look forward to seeing all of you again in the future on a new land, somewhere in space and time.

With eternal gratitude, love and joy, The Psy-Fi team
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This was Psy-Fi 2019! 
A very big thank you goes out to all of our beautiful visitors without whom this would have never been possible. Thank you so much for being you

Comment on Facebook

This was such an honor to be at this magical festival. I've met so many amazing people, and damn what a freak stage!!

Thx. for 6 amazing years of experiences of love, peace, freedom and happiness. And please, try to stay at the amazing venue Groene Ster, let positivity prevail over negativity....

This was our 1st psytrance festival abroad and we loved every second of it. Beautiful venue, friendly people and amazing atmosphere....Big LOVE and good luck with finding new amazing venue 🤞❤❤❤

My first festival abroad, in 2015 and alone.. the best decision of my life, it opened soooo many doors within 💗 it's an amazingly perfect location, I truly hope you find an equal good one soon, as I'd really like to go for a 3rd Psy-Fi experience 🙋❣️ GOOD LUCK

congratulation for this 6 years, very amazing festival, amazing vibrations and amazing k love, your people your energy was very awesome, not says goodbye says see you soon...

I, again, had a beautiful Psy Fi with a lot of fun, the best dancing, a lot of personal processes and beautiful moments shared with this last gathering of tribes in Leeuwarden. To the whole of the Psy Fi Organisation, the movement, the family and everyone involved: a big, big thank you 🙏🏻💚 It meant a lot to me! We will find another place to gather.. Together 🤗

My first Psy-fi. What a trip! 😍Loved every second of it! Thank youuuu! ❤️

Such an amazing festival! Loved the atmosphere, the music and the art. See you next year :)

it was unbelievable. still thinking about that weekend. amazing people, amazing music , wonderfull organisation and wonderful weather. best festival i have ever been

I'be been to 3 editions and loved every moment of them all. This final edition in Leeuwarden was the best for me, also due to the recognition of the venue, the artists and the special friends with whom I've enjoined this fantastic edition. Thanks to all of you, and I really hope that there will be another edition of Psifi in 2020, somewhere in space and time..... A big: thank you for a lovely time.

Every year we came was absolutely wonderful 💖🙏 so thankful for all the people who united!! Love you all, brothers and sisters.. together we create a better world and a paradise for every living being ✊💖🌻🌳 never alone, we are one!!!

What a fantastic festival everything was amazing and the hospitality shown from the psyfi crew was the best beautiful people Thanks a million 💚 here's to many more

Amazing festival! Cant wait to come back! Lots of beautiful and friendly people! the atmosphere in the afternoon in the chill out area plus the main floor in the evening/night was just magical! plus the moment it started raining during Avalon! unforgettable! Hope next location will allow music to go on after midnight.. See you soon!!

Amazing party, place and people!!! Love and gratitude to every single one of you guys that made this week so incredible!!! I can`t believe how amazing it was! I`ll be back next year for sure! Love u guys!

Thank you so so very much organisation and all the beautiful visitors. Its pure magic ❤️

i will miss this place forever , had the most beautiful time of my life on this beautiful festival and its area for the past 5 years 😭

It was once again amazing. I'd like to thank all my fellow volunteers for having done such an amazing job once again, all the builders, decorators, artists, and every single visitor for the best vibe ever ❤ where you may roam, I wil follow

Psy-fi was great and crazy! My first time and definately not gonna be my last. Met some really nice and interesting people. Psy-fi you are an unforgettable experience. Loved the main stage, the Chill Out Stage, Sacred Island with it's workshops and lectures, the Knowledge and Arts stage. Had an unforgetable experience at the group healing Tipi. Too bad the after party was cancelled but had a nice and cozy time with people and a new friend from Brazil at the chill out place close to the Main Stage till about 6:30 in the morning. Psy-fi I'll never forget you and I definately wish you the best of luck in finding a new location.

fantastic edition! happy to be a part of it! :)

My first psytrance festival and i fell in love, such a pity this was the last time. Hope it will stay in Holland at least, much bliss and luv❤️🔥

Thanx You so Much for al the joy and happiness you have given me and all the other visitors. Greeting from one of the neighbors. Please try to stay 🙏🏼

Was my first time and really enjoyed it, great work guys!

I've came every year since 2014 and it gets better each year. The organisation this year was fantastic especially given the extra restrictions in place. Everything went smoothly and all my group had a great time there. Also we were very lucky with the weather this year. I will miss De Groene Ster dearly, what a gorgeous location! Fingers crossed that another equally as beautiful location is able to be located.

We want to thank Psy-Fi, the whole crew, and all the visitors that you came to Leeuwarden 6years ago. Your vibe, energy, creativity, peace, love and harmony gave Leeuwarden and Fryslân a positive impuls. It was PsyFi, 5years ago, that gave us the opportunity and look where Flowyou is now. 🙏🏽 We hope that our new mayor Sybrand Buma also had the same feeling about the beauty, love, value and positive impact of PsyFi have for the whole local community and hopefully he will make his strong 💪🏾 to ensure that this wonderful, magic world asap returns to the place where it belongs! Thanks you all, we love you! 💙

I’ve been to Psy-fi for the past 3 editions and I can say that is the best festival ever. I’m so much looking forward to hearing from you where the next edition is going to be!

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