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28.08. – 01.09.2019 / Netherlands

“It’s all in the details now”

There’s really only one downside if you organize one of the most popular festivals of the European summer:
You’re facing very high expectations, from your visitors and from your own team. Psy-Fi is a perfect example for this scenario. We had a chat with co-organizer Rob.

Exactly how do you measure the satisfaction of your audience? Obviously it’s a good sign to see huge smiles on a packed dancefloor. But that’s just a snapshot and not fully representative. For instance, Social Media feedback can differ greatly from those nice dancefloor shots…

Many times a year we come together as a team and discuss all the things that went well and all the things that need improvement. We read all the emails and Facebook comments of our visitors and listen to what is important to them. That way we keep adjusting the festival to meet their needs as good as we can. This is now our 7th edition and we do feel that we are getting stronger as a team and that the festival improves by that every year. We also believe that we are never done learning and never done improving, there is no such thing as a perfect festival, but we try to get as close as possible.

Exactly how close did you get this year?

I can truly say that our program for this year is the best we ever had. Musically the line-up is very well balanced on all stages and personally I think it is the best line-up we’ve ever had. Art-wise, the same: More, better quality, new teams and super interesting visual eye candy everywhere. The spiritual program on our sacred island got a good upgrade since last year, we clearly noticed a big growth of the audience. That resulted in bigger lecture and workshop spaces and an even better program. As for sound quality, we also have an upgrade using the latest technology. It’s all in the details now.

Psy-Fi has seen a stellar rise in popularity, on all 5 continents. It’s fair to say that it reached to upper league of the European festival season. Nonetheless you keep your festival at a relatively small scale. Why?

We never strived to be the biggest festival and attract as many visitors as possible. Instead, we think that quality is way more important than quantity. That is one of the reasons why we have limited ticket sales to 13.000. We try to offer a program that is as complete as possible varying from a great musical line-up to an extended spiritual program to a broad spectrum of visual arts.

Last question: For many people the Netherlands are synonymous with a very liberal drug policy. Any comments on that?

Well, we do have quite a friendly government who welcomes our visitors and lifestyle with open arms into their community, and that is a good feeling. I do think there is a common misunderstanding that people have about the Netherlands and its drug policy. It is liberal, yes, but not everything is allowed, of course, just like in most other countries.

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Yeah, great photos..... thx for sharing them all.... Psy Land.... hehe this is from the other side of the water ya? main as well but other photos..... Anyway, gr8 pics, thanks again. You’ve caught many, well how do you say, in their natural state.... *gd, too tired to wright and think so sorry for the poor use lack of words... Kinda brain freeze. * Well, good pics in natural state may be a ok word for it.. *lol, sometimes the. words just whirl around inside the head and in the end I sound like an idiot... haha.. sorry. Thanks again, and is there any before and after party or gathering ? Heard some things here and there but kinda confusing.... Ahh well, guess I’ll figure it out some day....... ;) Or read about it here..... hehe. Gr8 pics, thanks again . *gd, didn’t have a chance of going this year* Looks like a lot of good and happy ppl =) // Chrille Sweden

Beautiful photos! <3


Prachtig volgen jaar weer.

it was so amazing

Was geweldig, volgend jaar maar weer.

crazyyy.. hope for psi-fi 2020 ❤️🙏

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