“Clear blue skies, shiny smiles, sunshine and altogether loads and loads of fun… this is exactly the way we wanted our kick-off for the open air season!”


Psychedelic Experience Festival is kicking off the open air season on 22nd May, 2015, in Ruthen, Mecklenburg-Vorpommern, Germany.

This year’s edition, was an amazing event, which saw a large number of visitors who danced together in a peaceful and positive atmosphere. The line-up included International and Local Artists and DJ’s who rocked the crowd, with their sweet music.

The line-up is yet to be announced but their “Earlybird-Ticket” are online and available until 31th December

LINK – http://www.ticket-dealer.eu/index.php?cPath=134



Live in Concert (Opening Show)
ETNOSCOPE – Sweden, Digital Structure
Main Stage
ACE VENTURA – Israel / Switzerland, Iboga Records
ATACAMA – Germany, Solartech
AUDIOMATIC – Germany, Spintwist
ATMOS – Sweden, Iboga
AEROSPACE – Israel, Digital Nature
BRAINIAC – UK, Solartech
CHABUNK – South Africa, Solartech
CONNEXX – Germany, Prog On
CORONA – South Africa, Solartech
DARMA – Israel, Solartech
EGORYTHMIA – Macedonia, Iono
FLIP FLOP – UK, Alchemy
ITONE – South Africa, Solartech
KLOPFGEISTER – Germany, Spintwist
LIQUID SOUL – Switzerland, Iboga
LOUD – Israel, Nano
LYCTUM – Serbia, Tesseract
MATERIA – Austria, 24/7
POLARIS – France, Solartec
SILENT SPHERE – Switzerland, Solartech
TULK – Germany, Solartech
UNDER COVER – Israel, Solartech
VANDETA – Israel, Solartech
JOHAN – Germany, Solartech
MÜSTIK – Switzerland, Solartech
TIVO & OLLOM – Germany, Solartech
ZOSMA – GermanySpintwist
Ambient Stage
SHANGOLECTRO – Hamburg, Germany
JOHNY BLUE – Berlin, Germany
MOODY – Hamburg, /Germany
AQUARIUS – Hamburg, Germany
TERRA – Hamburg, Germany
MILLER – Hamburg, Germany
TOM EYE – Germany

——more coming soon!


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