The psychedelic mushroom Advent Calendar

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Hi Friends!

The pre-christmas season becomes psychedelic – and you can be happy every day like a little child when you open another door of the first worldwide psychedelic Advent calendar.

Let’s say this much: Behind the door there is a Psytrance/Prog/Dark or Chill Track in WAV quality for download. You’ll get that in any case. In addition, you will automatically take part in the daily lottery, where you can win really cool prizes…. You can already guess what to expect from the sponsors (many thanks, by the way): Festival Tickets, Fashion, Head&Grow Stuff, Books and much more to win.

Why don’t you take a look right away?

Prerequisite for participation in the Advent calendar is that you are logged in to open the daily doors. Otherwise we don’t know that you opened the door. If you have not yet registered, you should create a user account at once! With a registered address within your user account, we don’t only know where to send your winnings, but we also send you the next mushroom issue free of charge, which will be published in December.

So that you don’t miss the opening of the doors, we remind you every day. You can also turn off the reminder at any time if it gets too much. But you would probably also regret it if you missed one of the main prizes.

So… put out the Christmas mushroom biscuits and cook yourself a hot chai with extra cinnamon, because on the 1st of December it starts πŸ™‚

I wish you a psychedelic advent time,

Your Mat Mushroom

P.S.: To all our friends around the world…. The Advent calendar doors are open according to Central European Time.

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