Parabola Music is excited to present new EP from uprising Progressive Psy-Trance project PsyStream with two new tracks! PsyStream is project founded by Milan Jovanovic and Milan Zlatic born in Uzice, Serbia. They were just little boys when they started to get interested in electronic music. First love was trance music, especially Progressive-Psytrance and Goa Trance. Inspired by their idols , they decided to go the same route. After years of exercise, they have managed to be very successful in deejaying these types of music. In recent years, they have devoted their attention to the music production, and established a project called PsyStream. Their Music consist of deep bass, cheerful melodies with Progressive-Psytrance that makes the crowd move, and guarantee to have a great time. Full of ideas and inspiration, they are now creating their own music. Untill now they have released 2 EP-s, one single Track for Power House Records San Francisco. Also a single for StingRecords M.E.They have many performances in Serbia and a region.